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Is it possible for anxiety to cause dizziness, tinnitus, and ear popping?

Hello everyone. For the past 4 months I’ve had what I can only describe as dizziness. Most of the time my head feels spaced out and as if I’m looking through glass or something. Although I can see things just fine. It’s as if I can’t focus right. Or maybe everything is trying to focus all at once and it’s information overload. Along with these symptoms I also feel off balanced and unsteady from time to time. Then there are the occasional moments where things start to spin. But this only happens for a second. But afterwards the aforementioned issues are intensified. Then at least once or twice a week I’ll have a headache which makes everything worse. These problems make it very hard to travel as it seems I now have motion sickness as well. I’ve been to my primary care doctor for this. They did some blood work and everything was clear. So they sent me to a ENT specialist. The ENT checked me out and said everything was good. But they referred me to a neurologist. Now at the neurologist they sent me for a MRI of my brain where everything came back clear as well. I’ve also been to multiple eye doctors as well. My vision is good. Basically all the doctors I’ve seen have said everything is fine and it’s just anxiety. With that said I do have generalized anxiety disorder which I’ve been dealing with for 8 years now. I had been on medication in the past for this but haven’t been on anything now for almost 3 years. Except for the occasional lorazepam that I’ll take if things become overwhelming. I’ve had multiple times throughout the years where I’ve thought I had heart problems and kidney/  gallbladder issues. All which turned out to just be my anxiety making me over think ordinary aches and pains. Although this time it just doesn’t feel like anxiety. I keep trying to tell myself that it is. But it’s hard to convince myself when I feel so bad. So with all of this said. Has anyone experienced anything like this before with anxiety? Are these symptoms even possible with anxiety? Any help or recommendations. Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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I have had full on vertigo.  I do have on and off Eustachian tube dysfunction as well.  I swear sometimes my anxiety can trigger it.  The ear popping and tinnitus and all were felt by me.  I do reverse ear pops hold nose and gently blow.  Your ear will pop. Repeat several times.  I will take an otc allergy pill. These two things help me if I feel it's getting bothersome.  My son has issues like this when stress is growing.  A quick nap helps him re calibrate.
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I forgot to mention two of the things I put in the title. I also have random tinnitus and ear popping as well.
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Yes, anxiety will absolutely cause these symptoms. They’ve been plaguing me for several years now
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