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Is it possible to beat Anxiety without Meds

Hi I have been suffering since I was very young completely unaware that I had anxiety through thinking it was normal to consistently think the worse of every thing.This was not helped by my mother suffering the same and telling me I was like herself in always thinking everything was going to turn out bad.
However over the last 6 months due to stress from work I have began a journey of understanding how the mind works and really understanding how my thoughts and the beliefs I had where never the correct way of looking at life and possible outcomes from day to day not if I want any kind of positive life experiences , how ever old habits are really hard to just switch off and through stressful times I find myself heading back into the old thought process meaning I am having to stop take note of where I am then turn this around which is very tiring and just want to find a way I notice my state of mind quicker to react . as the following is helping me see more clearly now than I every have before mindful meditation has help a lot but I only seem to do this once I calm down as my mind it dozy and fuzzy not clear thinking while kept occupied with lots or worries I do not want to screw my head up anymore I have never taken any psychotic meds only every beta blockers to calm me down which do work.
But I guess what I am asking is anyone there gone through this and found peace through using mindful meditation and positive affirmations. I have also done a list of what I want in life as this seems to make me feel better but then sad when I look again and not much from the list is done    
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Of course you can get better without medication.  Medication is serious business, and everyone should avoid it if possible -- artificially altering any part of your natural body processes should only be done if necessary.  So by all means try to fix it through therapy.  Meditation should be done regularly, not just when you're feeling calm -- the whole point is to watch your thoughts so you realize they aren't you, they are just part of you.  But the above is correct, it helps to see a therapist.  If you want to try natural medicine then an herbalist or naturopath or practitioner of integrated medicine might be helpful, but if you want to solve this through changing the way you think then try CBT, a form of therapy.  Good luck.  And if it doesn't work and your life is seriously disabled, then medication will still be there.
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It IS possible to overcome anxiety without medication, but I would strongly recommend you work with a good therapist if this is the path you choose.

It is absolutely your right to decide you do not want to take psychotropic (NOT "psycho") medications, but where did you get the idea they would "screw your head up?" For generalized anxiety, which in my humble and non-medical opinion is what I believe you have, the medications used are very effective, mild and safe. With most of these meds, the worst side effect is being tired until tired until your body adjusts to them. I think you may have Googled medications for much more serious and debilitating forms of mental illness than what you are experiencing.

Using the correct medication for the shortest time possible can be an amazing tool to help you deal more comfortably with your anxiety as you move through your therapy.

You can visit our Alternative Medicine Forum and get some good advice from the folks there. A Naturopathic doctor could also be helpful for you.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best and relief from your anxiety.
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