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Is my case of nail biting considered impulsive?

I'm a high school kid who has experienced depression and is currently experiencing anxiety. You see, I used to have long, strong, thick nails. I was quite proud of them (mainly because they were my main self harm tools). But, due to anxiety, I started biting my nails down. Now, they don't even grow past the tip of my finger. I always keep them super short. I also bite off the skin around my nails, and try to tear away my cuticles. As you can probably imagine, this does lead to bloody messes on my fingertips. In school, while I'm doing work, I'll bite my nails while I'm writing/reading. Also, I'll start biting my nails during conversations with other people. The point is, whenever I'm in the process of biting my nails/skin, it seems like I can't stop. It seems like I can't take my finger out of my mouth to perform regular tasks until my "job" is done and the section of nail/skin is gone. Is this becoming an obsessive habit? Impulsive, even? If so, what should I do? The tips of my fingers are really calloused and pink now, and my fingerprint is a most nonexistent. Therapy isn't an option, just FYI. Also, I did go through a spell of anorexia if that helps you at all. Thank you for reading, and I'm looking forward to your advice ^.^
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