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Is my chest pain because of my mental health?

So For about two years I've been diagnosed with anorexia ( I'm 15 ) and I've never felt this sick until about 4 months or so. I've been getting chest pains, dizzy, feeling sick and worrying constantly. My therapist says its anxiety and I've even gone to an emergancy doctor type thing because i thought I was dying. I got my chest checked out. They said everything was fine and let me go. I've also recently had a blood test and got my chest checked out again where they said everything was alright again. But I've been worrying so much. I always think about death because of them and they worry me that I am dying and when I'm not I get random chest spikes that last 1-5 seconds and are regular when I pay attention to them. I have periods and eberything is alright apart from these chest pains. They feel sharp and blunt around my heart. And when I press down where the pain is it sometimes hurt like its my muscles not my heart. Can someone please tell me if this pain and aches are stress or something serious?
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If you went to the doc and everything checked out it is very likely anxiety. Anxiety can make your body do a lot of things, including chest pain. It is your body reacting to the stress. All the symptoms you have listed can be from anxiety. The best thing to do is to work with your therapist on ways to overcome it when it happens. Try closing your eyes and taking deep breaths.
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Are you still anorexic?  Because that can cause nutritional deficiencies that can make your muscles hurt -- such as a lack of magnesium, for example.  A lot of times doctors don't test for this type of thing.  So have you started eating again, and do you eat green leafy vegetables?  Do you drink enough to stay hydrated?  It could be anxiety, but it could be muscles pain as well.  I don't think it's the heart.
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If all your checkups turn out to be negative from possible diseases then I think it's safe to assume that what you are suffering from is indeed anxiety. You and your therapist should work on this. It's fairly common for people with eating disorders to develop anxiety and chest pains can be a symptom. Start with therapy treatment and eliminate your worries. I do hope you get well soon.
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