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Is there Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom associated with a heart attack?

Heart attack several years ago. Progressively more anxiety as time passes with every symptom real or imaginary. Last several driving trips had to pull off the road and in one case return by ambulance to the hospital where the tests showed no evidence of another heart attack. Since then every imaginable test has been run with CT, cerebral arteries checked, and many other tests without discovery a cause for the feelings of leg weakness, feelings of impending blackout/fainting, and loss of control. I am taking a low dose tranquilizer along with depression meds plus a slew of heart meds every day. The anxiety associated with this is almost creating a housebound situation. Too much! If you have had similar experiences please share. Also any websites, medical facilities, or treatments you have found helpful please post. Thank you.
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Lifestyle Medicine!
Lifestyle Medicine is the evidence based prevention, treatment and reversal of disease using nutrition, physical activity, stress management and social support systems.
You would benefit tremendously, working with a Lifestyle medicine Doctor.

I came from a history of  PTSD x 2 following horrific traffic accidents and childhood anxiety, to becoming a Holistic Health Consultant, Reiki Master,
EFT Advanced Practitioner and Board Certified Hypnotherapist, enjoying the best health possible in my entire life.
It may sound as a paradox, but I'm actually grateful for my childhood anxiety and my two accidents, as without going though these events, I would never have become the person I am today.
And all this using a similar model to Lifestyle Medicine-I don't think the term even existed in the 70s and 80s.

Some of you heart meds are causing you symptoms, for which you have been prescribed more medications and they all have contributed greatly  to your "housebound" situation.
Perhaps it's time to clean up this mess, but only within the safety and guidance of a Lifestyle Medicine Doctor.
I don't want to get into any particular details, as it is quite involving.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,
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Sometimes LightSeeker, and more and more lately, oversimplifies and exaggerates the proven effectiveness of natural medicine.  Now, I'm a big advocate of it, having managed health food stores for 18 years, but I didn't stop using my natural skepticism.  We can't know over the internet if your meds are causing your symptoms -- we don't even know what they are.  We don't know that using natural medicine will help you -- it might, it might not.  Once you've had a heart attack, you're in a very different category than someone who's just at risk of having one but hasn't had one yet.  So to your basic question, think of PTSD not as a diagnosis found in a diagnostic manual, but what it means -- people react to traumatic events differently.  For some, fear will linger, and yes, that can cause a chronic anxiety problem if not addressed early in the process.  Depression can also cause anxiety.  It could also be that you were going to develop this problem anyway -- nobody knows the cause of depression or anxiety disorders, so it could be anything.  But LightSeeker is right about one thing -- the meds you're on can't cure your anxiety problem -- they can only cover up the symptoms.  I don't know what will cure you -- for some it's therapy, for others time, for others, finding something to be a true believer in as LightSeeker has with his belief in natural medicine, and for others, nothing works.  I say, try everything, and see what works for you, and I'd start with therapy, as it's the easiest to start trying.  As for natural medicine, you're going to need someone with real training in alternative medicine, which is really a misnomer, there's just medicine, but you need someone who isn't going to play Superman and will respect the fact that you're on medication.  A practitioner of integrated medicine, an MD who has also studied natural medicine, will be the most likely to understand what is safe for you to do and not do.  Good luck.
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Hi there.  I actually think I know what you are talking about.  I've had a health scare.  You had one that could have ended your life!  What happens to me is if I think something is happening related to that health scare I had (and it never really is in my case)---  I get panicky.  I can only imagine what this would be like after having a heart attack.  I'm so sorry about that.  

Your anxiety is real and causes problems in its own right.  You are taking medications ---- what I'd do is talk about each one with your doctor.  NEVER take the advice of the internet or forums to make any medical or medication decisions especially when you have had something as serious as a heart attack.  We aren't able to treat your conditions as lay people that WANT to help---  we can just give you food for thought.  But working with your doctors is essential.  I'd want to go over medications especially if you see multiple doctors.  Sometimes they don't communicate very well----  or our health status changes and our doctors haven't adjusted meds, etc.  So I'd do a 'med check' with all of your doctors to make sure that each med is still necessary and that you are on the proper dose.  

I don't know what depression medication you are taking and it sounds like a sleep aid as well.  Many antidepressants also do work on anxiety so it would be helpful to know which one you are taking.  Do you see a therapist?  If not, absolutely add that into the mix.  The combination of medication and therapy is really the best option for treating anxiety that causes 'household' issues.  

There are the simple things to try as well---  meditation.  Have you ever tried that?  Someone turned me onto it and it was a little hard to immediately get into but I kept at.  There are guided programs for this.  I can look for a place to find that if you like.  Have you ever tried yoga?  That can have a great affect physically, mentally, etc.  If you are free to exercise after doctor clearance. light exercise really does help everything.  It keeps the heart healthy but it is also a way to release stress and releases our body's own natural 'happy chemicals'.  Eating healthy.  Trying to get more rest even if you still need the tranquilizers.  And I do believe staying active otherwise helps.  With my health scare, it was quiet moments that were the worse.  When I was active with family, work, activities . . .  it wasn't in my mind.  

Wishing you the very best.  Keep in touch, okay?
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You may have overlooked an important part in my post:
" Perhaps it's time to clean up this mess, but only within the safety and guidance of a Lifestyle Medicine Doctor."

I suggest you you look deeper into Lifestyle Medicine which is practiced by
well-trained Medical Doctors. and yes, stress reduction is also  part of what they do.

You know very well how the medical system works and how EASILY and FOOLISHLY drugs are prescribed- yes there are exceptions- so we have become the most overprescribed societies on the planet, but obviously, by far, NOT the healthiest.

It's bad enough that our doctors are trained by Big Pharma, now Big Pharma is taking over Medical School Education. :(

How about all the  flawed, botched and misleading results of clinical studies and research which  have led to the approval of numerous drugs that are on the market as you are reading this....


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I do want to say that after a life threatening event, it is essential to trust your doctor and work with them.  We would never want anyone to follow directions of internet forum users that could lead to a decline in their health.  What is said on forums is food for thought to ASK your doctors about---  not to be taken as true medical advice in place of doctor care.  

That's really important as you navigate your own health.  I believe in being an informed patient.  That means it is okay to question your doctor on what they recommend or suggest, to speak up if something isn't working for you or you need more help in a health related area and to add things that are along the lines of natural medicine or lifestyle steps once you have cleared that with your doctor.  I do trust in our health care system and modern medicine/medications have done a tremendous amount of good.  So, view this as adjust information without any reason to lose faith in your current medical care.  best of luck to you
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adjust is adjunct or added information.  :>)  Wishing you health and peace
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