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Is there anyone on here who has overcome anxiety?

The title says it all really! Just wondering if there was anyone on here who had anxiety but is now free of it? and if so how did they do it? it would help a lot of us on here if someone could help
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First of all, welcome to this community!  To answer your question; it is a resounding yes.  There are many people here that thrive with this condition.  In fact, I believe this whole experience has made me a much more well rounded, social, and caring person.  I think I also enjoy the smaller things in life because of it.  Remember, we as humans, tend to be shaped by the 'bad times' and learn more and grow overcoming these challanges.  

I believe the best way to handle anxiety and panic is to first, accept it, and second, confront it.  There are many alternative ways to seek therapy, but the tried and true method in my experience is by talk therapy with a qualified therapist be it a psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, etc.  By gaining the knowledge about the anxiety/panic cycle, it will give you the skills to confront and beat it.  I am sure you know the saying, 'knowledge is power."  That is the case with this.

How long have you been suffering with this? I encourage you to become active here...there is so much you can learn and give here...keep us posted!
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Thanks for your reply. I first suffered with this when my son was about 6-8 months old, i was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression and Anxiety. It was very severe and it took me 9 months to start feeling better again, once i felt ,my old self i felt stronger mentally and thought that was an end to it. But when the kids were off school for the 6 weeks summer holidays i started getting the anxious feelings back, doing the same little things i used o (such as sitting on my hands!) so i knew it was returning, as soon as i noticed i was at my doctors. I was put straight back on anti depressants and beta blockers. (i also have palpitatyions due to a begnin ectopic heart beat). I just got worse! Since then i have seen a social worker a few times but he dont really know what to do! he has refered me for CBT but im still waiting for an appointment. It has been around 14 weeks now since it started, and i do feel better then i was. I was being sick numerous times a day, not eating, feeling dizzy, headaches, all the usual stuff! Now it is mainly not sleeping very well, occasional panics, palpitations, and the thought of fear/panic/palps etc. Its the palps that i hate the most. As soon as i have one or think of one the thought cycle starts all over again. If i could benish the palps i could deal with the anxiety and work through it. I have to say i was free of all these symptoms for over a year, unil august!
Ihope we can all be anxietyfree soon!
Take care
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sorry about y spelling etc!
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