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Is there such a thing as CONSTANT ANXIETY SYMPTOMS

I have had severe anxiety the past 3 months. First it was health anxiety...every little twitch tingle and pain was either Lupus, Cancer, MS or a brain tumor. I still think I have the brain tumor by the way. My whole body would tingle and I would keep thinking and googling and things progressively just got worse. I then calmed down for a while but I have started up with it again. It is so bad I have had every blood test under the sun...TWICE and had gone to 2 different docs plus had sonograms and 2 sets of blood panels. So far everyone thinks I am healthy and under a serious amount of stress. I never stopped to think how stressed out I was until I wrote it all down. There is...
1. I am a stay at home mom of a 2 and 5 year old boy who do not nap at all during the day there is no break for 14 hours straight.
2. Trying to sell 2 houses an in SERIOUS financial trouble,
3. Moving cross country in 8 weeks.
4. I quit smoking MJ cold turkey and is grating on my nerves.
5. Hubby and I have an OK relationship but still problems...
6. High blood pressure and had a cancer scare a month back..found a fatty tumor in my arm and thought it was cancerous and I would have to call hospice.
7.My mother in law died of cancer in December and I basically watched her fade away in a matter of days...now I always think I have cancer.
Now I have serious facial sensations and problems. The only time it goes away is when I am outside in the sunshine walking and in the pool. I also went on a mini vacation for 3 days 2 weeks ago and I had not one tingle or pain . The SECOND I got back to this house the weird facial sensations came back. I also went out to dinner on Saturday and had a margarita. I didnt have one tinge or sensation the 2 hours we were out. Maybe I have too much time on my hands to google think and worry. Its probably why it never goes away except when Im asleep or outside when Im not thinking about it. I am going see my shrink again..I havent gone in 3 weeks and I am seriously thinking about taking some anxiety meds to see if this all goes away. Does anyone have senstations or problems that never seem to subside?
Thanks and sorry this is so bloody long!!
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Heh, my symptoms are just like yours.  I always think I have something wrong with me, and the times I actually do they turn out to be minor. (for example a pinched nerve)  

One thing I have noticed, is when I'm doing something that requires my concentration, such as driving, or being around a lot of people and talking to them all, my symptoms vanish, and they dont start back up until I "look" for them.  My advise for you would be:  Stop looking for symptoms and remember to breathe normally.  The breathing is important, because if you don't then you will be more prone to the tingling feelings, which just make it worse.  

I know its hard, sometimes when I try to not look for symptoms, I find myself thinking about them even more.  You just have to stay busy.  I sometimes wonder, if I were always busy all the time, would I ever have anxiety problems again?  

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Unfortunately there is, atleast in my case anyway.  

My list of "symptoms"

Pounding, rapid heatbeat, daily
extra heart beats,daily
tingling in feet and calves
dizziness (sitting & standing)
cold hands/feet
muscle twinges
trembling hands
eye twitches
chills/hot flashes

I am sure there are some I forgot, but these are my most recent ones.  The heart symptoms happen daily, and is what my thoughts tend to dwell on if I let them.  I worry about neurological disorders at times but those sympotms "take turns" bothering me and there is no rhyme or reason.  Take dizzness for instance...I will go days without feeling dizzy at all, then one day I will feel dizzy everytime I stand up which leads me to believe I have orthostatic hyptension, or POTS when it's accompanied by the pounding heart beat, and other days I will get dizzy only when sitting and not when I stand up.  That's just one example, and I could go on and on...and on  :-) !!

I hate anxiety and it presence in my life!  I still can't understand it's nature, and don't really care to!  I know adrenaline causes all of these symptoms, but something in us causes some of our symptoms be present themselves daily while other symptoms tend to "cycle".  I just wish it would go away, and I'm sure you feel the same.  Being that you've been thoroughly tested and no medical conditions were found, and they told you it is anxiety, then try and believe it.  I am unable to tell you how to do that considering that I have been  trying to convince myself the very same thing for 7 years now :-)  

It might help you to focus on the fact that all of your symptoms disappeared when you were removed from the stress, and a true medical condition would not do that.  That is what I'm telling myself everyday, and my symptoms are subsiding slowly but surely.  You can read my post "Ignoring palpitations/irregular heartbeats" for that story, if you're interested.  I hope this helps, and that you feel better tomorrow!
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Heh it's amazing how we can see its anxiety/stress/depression but when sitting alone its hard to keep telling yourself that, that is the only thing thats up.  I seem to get all the symptoms you get even that irregular heartbeat one *really scares me* and I have a crazy sensitive scalp it seems which is weird.

Im glad you are slowly but surely getting over it though!  All the best.
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I would give my right arm to have just ONE DAY without feeling some sort of anxiety!!!!

I feel that you are suffering from anxiety disorder and you should possibly try some anxiety meds...first, however, I always suggest a complete physical by your doctor and then take it from there.
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Thanks guys for all the support.
I have been to 2 doctors have had 2 physicals and 2 very complete series of blood work done...AIDS included. I have done EKG"s, stress tests, sonograms. All of them completely normal. The next step is the MRI. I have an appointment with my doctor in a week and I am going to ask for one just to rule out everything else like MS or a brain tumor. Its so bad I had water in my ears and was convinced it was a brain tumor. I feel so crazy sometimes with all the worries and nuttiness. I am going to see my shrink this Saturday also.
I havent gone in a month. Thanks again for all the support I do appreciate it knowing I am not alone!!
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I'm past most of the problems except some constant bowel problems (regardless of my stress/anxiety levels) & constant bluriness at night.

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You have no idea how much better you made me feel by reading your post!  I can so relate to what you are saying.  I feel like either my body or my mind has been falling apart for the past month and a half - two months.  I've had all these neurological symptoms, seen neurologist and he doesn't think there's anything seriously wrong with my nervous system based on my symptoms but we're still going to do an MRI.  By the way, a co-worker was diagnosed with MS immediately before this started happening.  In the meantime, I'm starting to move on to other diseases, perhaps arthritis, lupus, leukemia?  My circulation is not great though I'm only in my early 30s.  Circulation is an issue for many people in my family, even when younger so that shouldn't be a surprise.  Now I have this strange shaped bruise on my leg that I don't remember getting and it is stressing me out.  Anyhow, about what you were saying about when symptoms go away.  Funny isn't it.  Gives me comfort that it probably is anxiety.  I went out to the bar one night and felt nothing.  When I'm playing on the floor tickling my kids and stuff like that I don't notice anything either.  I really think I have to change some things in my life.  Perhaps all these things are signs to take care of ourselves.  It was good hearing your story.  THis forum is the only place where I feel I can share and somebody understands.
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i have the same problems and yea right now i called and told my mom im dying i have cancer every little problem i have is cancer brain tumor or im dying and its scary to feel that i have been experiencing muscle paiins and tiredness so i went and had blood done because i think i am dying i know it osunds crazy but hey thats how i feel
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I feel a little relieved to see all of your posts. My symptoms go way back, but I had constant headaches for about 2 years. Finally referred to a neurologist who prescribed elavil. It worked for the headaches but he found abnormalities in some lab work and referred me to an endocrinologist and rheumatologist. Apparently I had some antibodies that are sometimes associated with Lupus. So great now instead of a brain tumor I have Lupus!! Anyway the doc felt that I did not in fact have Lupus but was upset with the Nuerologist for referring me. WTF?? Im not sure I am confident with him but he seemed completely not concerned. The other doc said that I have Hashimotos hypothyroidism but no yet severe enough to warrant treatment?? WTF?? this is ridiculous. So anyway I went to urgent care with rapid/ irregular heartbeat and they said that it seemed that my red cell count was high (maybe from dehydration) great news. so I go to a blood doctor forgot what they are called, but his blood test came back normal. Since then Ive had tightness in chest and just generally feel poorly, weak, tired, chest pain, etc. EKG were normal for the heart and I talked my doctor to let me have a treadmill test just to be sure. I am a 43 year old male, and exercised regularly until about 6 mos ago. Can this be anxiety, or is it hypothyroidism , or what? any ideas? I wish that I could talk to you guys in person just because no one else, including the doctors really seem to want to figure out what it is. I am certainly no imagining this. I had one doctor tell me to relax and go get a massage. Sorry for the long rant, but even my girlfriend doesnt really want to talk about it. It suck to be alone with this stuff. If anyone would like to speak directly you can reach me at ***@**** I wouldnt mind at all. Otherwise any input is welcome.
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April, so you think you are going crazy or have some anxiety issue or some other medical problem. What symptoms do you have?
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I recently have been suffering from anziety systoms also.  Reading everyones posts make me feel better.  I have felt so alone and now I am starting to maybe believe that everything is all right.  Does anyone else suffer from dizziness throughout the day?  What do you guys do for the headaches?  I have been taking excedrin.  I also have been having pain behind the eyes.  If anyone can relate please let me know!!! :)
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Hi!  Yeah, I totally know what you mean about the dizziness - I get it nearly every day which started to really scare me, but now I've sort of realised that it only happens while I'm at work (so surely if something was seriously wrong, it would happen no matter where I was!lol)  I've also been suffering from tension headaches - they aren't actually sore, but the muscles in my head just feel so tight all the time, which I reckon is caused but the muscle tension in my neck/shoulders.  Anyway, I have a back & neck massage scheduled in for tmrrw morning, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be alot less tense after that and maybe (just maybe!) it will also get rid of these horrible tension headaches! You should maybe try something like that yourself as it would prob soothe your mind aswell! :-)
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Just recently I had to go into the emergency room because I started feeling tingliness in my legs.  This kinda of freaked me out.  Then I began feeling it all over my body, the numbness.   Then I couldn't breathe, this was when I thought I was going to die.  The doctor at the hospital said I had an anxiety attack and prescribed me Xanax.  I didnt want to take because of all the side effects, so I didnt, yet I have not been feeling well.  I have just been feeling really tired and weakness in my body.  The tingliness and numbness is still there, is this normal.  I hate this feeling, I just want it to go away.  I went to a medical doctor to get more information on this anxiety stuff!  He told me it is Possible that it is anxiety but I am not sure!  He checked me for thyroids,  but I wont get those results until later this week.  I feel like I am going out of my mind becasue I dont know what is going on with me.  I want to feel better and not feel this way anymore.  I dont feel like im stressed so I dont really undrestand why I'm getting this.  I have been in many stressful situations and I have never felt this way before so I am really confused as to what is going on with me.  I was prescribed a different medication, I took it but I dont think I want to.  I am afraid that I will need to depend on them and turn crazy.  It just freaks me out when I read the precautions and side effects.  I call this pill the "crazy pill"  Right now I feel fine except for the tingliness all over my body.  Is this a sypmtom of anxiety?  I dont know.  I just feel like this is not what is wrong with me.  I have been researching  on the internet it just freaks me out more.  Some one help.  I feel alone because my husband does not understand how I feel.  I just want everything to go back to normal so that I can enjoy the time with my children!  Can anyone relate to this!
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I feel the same way as you do, symptoms and the feeling that I have no idea what to do about it and no one to relate to. The tingles and constant 'internal' trembling is driving me insane and the other day I went to the ER convinced that I was going to have a stroke or heart attack. Again, the doctors assured me that I'm not going to die...go home and learn to relax.
It is very frustrating and at times drives me to worry even more when I feel something is wrong with me but all tests are normal...even better than normal at times. I too am afraid to take 'crazy pills' but I do have Ativan in my house as a security blanket, although I have never taken one. Most of the times I feel not too bad, but when the tingling hands and muscle twitches start I begin to worry; my breathing becomes erratic and I can feel my heartbeat throughout my entire body. Standing makes it worse and laying down make me spin....I'm stuck.
I have learned to lay down and relax through the spins, which in about 5 minutes I start to feel better, not completely fine, but the panic subsides.
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Yes I can relate to you... From since my first anxiety attack I thought I was going to die up till today. I think that I have some kind of cancer or some kind of disease... At the beginning all kinds of things went wrong.. I got all kinds of symptoms... Some there months ago, some are gone, some came back, some new ones... It's really annoying... I too have kids and I am too depress to enjoy my family life... I call my brother and other family members even my doctor at 12 in the night a few times and told them I think I am going to die... A lot of nights I think that I am going to have a heart attack. My symptoms:
1. Fast heart beat now and then
2. Aches and pains
3. Headaches, not normal ones, it feels more like nerve pains
4. Cold feet, cold hands
5. Trembling...in head at times...
6. Short breath
7. I feel to faint at times.
8. Feel like I going crazy also :(
9. Pain in my jaw
10. Pain in my left arm
11. Chest pains
etc... and the list goes on
I did two blood test for blood count etc good results
I did a test to check my thyroid that was good 2!
I went to a Osteopath (Cranial Sacral Theraphy) that helped my headpains
I checked my heart, test results were good... Just that two bones in my neck is squeezing down on some nerves thats causing the heart attack like pains, I still do think that it's my heart even he said its not... :(
I did a PAP Smear to check for cervical cancer that came back good also
Going to do a breast examination tomorrow and going for ...
What's this about, my doc also said its anxiety and wants me to go on pills...
I don't trust those things, ppl get addicted, and side effects, the worst I've heard, some ppl think about suicide... Well the thing is every time that I found out that I was okay... that helped A LOT! A lot of symptoms are gone, but every week there is something new to worry about... Its sooooo hard! But I think only God can help me out of this one... I trust in Him!
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Going to do a breast examination tomorrow and going for .. i forgot to complete this sentence... I am also going to a psychiatrist to see if she can help...
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I have been suffering from severe anxiety for almost three years, since my son was born. I've been to the er 3 different times thinking I was having a heart attack or some kind of stroke. (which neither happened) the docs gave me xanax after a full cardiac workup was negative. I also suffer from terrible migraines since age 15..went for an mri last month which was normal..I still swear I have MS or some kind of neurological disorder. I have facial tingling, and I have constant sharp pains in my head..sooo weird..
today I have felt so disconnected and like I'm on another planet or in a movie..again..sooo weird
oh- and now my tongue and lip is numb and tingling!! WTF!!!!
I can't live like this anymore..I'm afraid to take medicine and I feel l ike maybe its really not anxiety and I'm dying of some rare disease!!!
anybody have any suggestions???
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I have just recently began experiencing tingling this year and I'm pretty healthy except for my mental health. I take Concerta and Lexapro together.  The pharmacist said it shouldn't be caused by those medicines because I have been taking them since December and I only just started feeling these weird tingles waving over my head, face, neck and arms.  I do not feel any in my lower body; however I have been unable to get to sleep because of sensations in my legs that are kind of like restless leg syndrome (except for the tingling).  I just feel like I have to move around constantly and it's been robbing me of sleep.  The weird tingling and feeling of not wanting to do anything is even worse.  I haven't been to the gym because of this and gained some weight that I lost.  I have had a lot of stressors lately, but I have had stressors before and this never happened.  It is a little disturbing and I have had to miss classes and been late to work because of it.  I think that is, in turn, making my stress worse.  I have no pain or any other sensations.  I looked up a couple of things and the only things that came up were dehydration and iron anemia.  I also suspected my deodorant!!  Anyone got any other suggestions?
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About two yrs ago, I was given a sedative herbal Valerian cream by a holistic psychiatrist to deal with my already high level of anxiety. he told me to use this 3 times a day. I was on it three weeks when i began to feel funny and not right-semi-comatose. I guess at the time i was overacting maybe but I thought I was going to die. I went to the emergency room where they put me on an IV and knocked me out with a big Ativan.
My doctor took me off it abruptly. After that, I began to develop a host of torturous, terrifying neurological symptoms: pressure headaches i thought i was having a stroke, painful burning sensations in my legs, arms, butt, face, neck; severe shock sensations in my limbs; infernal heat; painful stiffness and rigidity; severe muscle pain; crawling sensations in my limbs; altered senses- extreme sensitivity to light and sound; mortal fear; sense of impending doom;  and the list goes on.  I went to the er twice more for these symptoms and three neurologists who did MRI's, EEG, EMG, CT scans. By this time, I was convinced I had permanent damage to my nervous system. The last neuro said I had Migraine headaches and a severe anxiety disorder. I'm sure that diagnosis was also influenced by my history of depression and anxiety.

Like others here have posted, it's been extremely hard to believe these things could just be anxiety, especially following an overdose of powerful herbal cream.  My holistic therapist at the time, a MSW didn't help by telling me the cream definitely had a neurological affect.

I spent three months recuperating (sometimes even moving and walking caused weird sensations).  Two yrs later I still suffer from these symptoms in times of stress and anxiety and also exercise seems to make it worse if too vigorous.

It is so hard because the condition is obviously anxiety related but I want to know what exactly is happening in my body and of course I desperately want these symptoms to go away.  I'd been having psychosomatic symptoms since age 18, so i'm pretty sure my psych has diagnosed me with conversion disorder, but i think the extreme terrified state i was in caused trauma to my system as trauma often does.

To relate to your post, I suffer some kind of physical or mental anxiety symptom every day. Even when the neuro symptoms are at bay.  I feel like I'm the most anxious person alive.

And I wonder if my life was completely stress free maybe living in a monastery(i'm in a difficult/conflict ridden relationship), have aging parents one of whom suffers from depression for 7 yrs., am unemployed and my boyfriend is the only stable support i have) if I could calm my nervous system down and get rid of the symptoms.

Right now I'm having a REALLY bad flare up following a pseudobreakup by my boyfriend--i've had burning and heat from talking loud or getting angry or excited. I really know where they got the expression FIRED UP.

I would love to hear from anyone who has had a similar reaction

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So, I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, panic disorder(thats what they called it), and insomnia. When i went to the hospital, i was sent by urgent cares finest on a diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation:) which surprisingly did not send me into a panic attack, but then they diagnosed me based on nervousness, chest pain, dyspnea, shortness of breath, and numbness and tingling in extremities as well as my lips and face. 2 weeks after being diagnosed, i began to feel a whole barrage of new symptoms. and i guess maybe im looking for some confidence in knowing that this is the norm with anxiety. The new symptoms are dull and shooting pain in the right posterior ribs, tingling sensations that seem to only happen in what feels like my right lung, a dull pain in my rite arm that seems to extend to the elbow, heaviness in extremities, extreme fatigue, vertigo, trembling, and a pressure in my right ear that feels like i need to pop it. 4 days ago i was sent shooting into a panic attack because of a burning in my heart, which ive never felt before, and was ashamed to learn that it was just heartburn....some nurse i am. In the following 2 days i had a sensation like dysphagia, but more like a pill was stuck in my throat(side effects of heartburn) and that sent me into a panic attack as i was thinking my throat was closing up. I am an LPN, ironically, and i have a giant fear of pnuemothorax  with my right lung for some reason (LOL) so this may attribute to the right sided symptoms. I am a 23 year old male, and 3 years ago i was diagnosed with being bipolar, i have had a history of "experimentation", and i smoke about a half a pack/day of the nastiest cigarettes in the world. my shrink gave me a combo of ativan(which gives you a killer migraine, not to mention ive had tension migraines for years) and celexa(which im not sure is doing anything. Its almost like these symptoms are nonstop, EXCEPT when im with the love of my life, and thats pretty much the only time. and i agree with an earlier post, sometimes trying to not think about symptoms localizes pain when and where you least expect it. Its like i cant catch a deep breath or go skating cuz i think im gonna puncture a lung or displace an organ...lol. my gf thinks its halarious but she doesn't get all the symptoms i do, and definitely not as frequently. SO PLEASE, make me feel better!!!!!!!

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oh, did i mention that these symptoms are constant? much like peaceseeker570. and i find it a conundrum that my symptoms are what causes a panic attack, where as usually a persons panic attack causes the symptoms...btw drinking makes me feel much better, almost like the effect of a benzodiazipine, except to get there, i need to overcome the fear that drinking is in fact not interfering with my cardiac function...funny stuff, sometimes i wish my symptoms away, but "they" told me that will only make it worse.
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WOW! I find it really amazing that there are so many other people who are going through the same thing as I.
I have been suffering from pretty bad anxiety for about a year now. It all started when I found out I have a heart murmur. No matter how many times a doctor tells me its nothing to worry about, I still can't come to terms with that and I am wasting my life away on worry.
I have had every physical symptom of anxiety that you can think of. It comes and goes in phases. I will feel good for about and week and them WHAM! I feel like trash again.
Recently, I have been dealing with 3 months of clogged ears, dizziness, tingling, severe tightness in my shoulders and neck, and burning and tingling in my neck and shoulder area.
I also suffer from TMJ, which adds to my anxiety. I actually think it is an endless cycle, that I just want to end!
I am so tired of not being able to enjoy my kids and family.
To be honest, I dread getting out of bed in the morning, because I don't want to face the symptoms.
Don't get me wrong. I am blessed and I am so thankful for this life that God has given me, but I just want to feel normal again. I want to feel like I am in reality again and not another planet.
I am looking forward to a brighter day.
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I was feeling some anxiety this morning and googled..."every little symptom sacres me."

You all made me feel better. I've had anxiety all my life. Sometimes its mild and sometimes I have full blown panic attacks. I've taken Xanax in the past and it worked but I had to stop taking it. I'm and alcoholic and got addicted to Xanax and to stay sober I had to stop all drugs. Thats ok, because it didn't matter, I still have anxiety. Now I need to keep working on getting rid of it.
I say a short prayer when I start my "fear thinking". I'm in control of my thoughts. It works but it's not easy.
I've had every symptom you all have mentioned in my lifetime and have been to the Doctor hundreds of times. Now I have a problem with going to the Dr. I won't go unless I really have to. lol They scare me.  
I just want to say good luck to you all. It almost made me cry to hear you all going through this because it's no way to have to live. But I keep going and so can you.
Remember it's your "thoughts" that make things worse, change them. I'm sure over time it will go away. It worked for me just now. :)
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I recently lost my twin sister and she died from a blood clot.and i have alot of anxiety and stress. and there is not a day that i dont hurt somewhere and like my hip will go to sleep and sometimes my side and my hands my lip but it feels numb but i start moving and like takin breaths and stuff and it stops and then my chest hurts alot and every little twitch or pain i think omg its a blood clot.It's literally driving me inside.
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i suffered from anxiet/depression since 15 years ago..am 35 now,but my nervous physical symptoms r incereasing,could my anxiety caused neuropathy?
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hi everybody !!i v been suffering from anxiety/depression like abt 15 years ago...but i guess that my symptoms r getting worse over time;( i now have these tingling,electric shock,burning sensations like almost daily:(im just wondering if i have a damage in my nervous system now,could my anxiety caused neuropathy..?hope not:( i need to live a normal life,im still 35,have 2 boys and many respnsibilities..love u all,pls reply back if u have any answer,love
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Omg I have had the same thing for the past year I am only 17 and I want to know will it ever go away? I have tried taking seredyn I orderd from america it calms me a bit but it doesn't help dizziness or anything I hate it its ruining my life I constantly think I'm going to die its so bad
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i have the same symptoms and I feel like I'm going to just die i also have chest pains, can't sleep wake up with my heart palpitations that are very scary and i ran out of medication so i'm trying to get over these pains and aches without them. I cry for nothing and my skin tingle all over. i am going through menopause at this time i'm 50 years old and i was told that i have is anxiety i feel like i'm losing my mind.

i just thought i get this off my chest thanks for sharing your symptoms. I thought i was alone.
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I suffer day to day with anxiety chest pains.the list goes on and on. Anxiety is horrible.  I wish I could stop worrying about eve little pain as my doctor and a end r say I'm ok
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Rita (I know its been a long time since you posted on here) but what were the results of your MRI? I've been having pretty much the same symptoms you just described for the past 3 months and I'd really like an answer.
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What you have is like I told you what I feel , so strange, I hate feeling this way it changed me as a person, I'm not the same since the day I have my first panic atack, 9 months ago. Good luck.
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I wish we could all sit down and talk...I definitely needed to hear this from someone. I was thinking I was crazy..every doctor keeps saying anxiety. .I was like how could anxiety cause this much trouble?!
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i have the most odd symptoms every day i wake up and just start feeling funny my vision goes from dark to light i see floating black spots and i just do not feel right. I get chest pains tingling sensations and i get so stressed and cant even focus on my tv because my stress levels are so bad all i can focus on is how ifeel, i always get tjhe feelings that im going to die and that i have brain tumors or im doomed. ive been looking up sicknesses that fit my symptoms and driving myself crazy from it. It started happening 4 years ago when i was 19 it went down alot after 4 months came back and went away multiple times but for long clips each time, i grind my teeth i get scared in the car and i have problems sleeping deja vu and just random feelings of fear
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My son had an antibody test also and Childrens Hospital of Phila said possible Lupus.  But then they said since he didn't have enough symptoms, they couldn't diagnose him with Lupus.  And then the next check they said to watch symptoms for Lupus.  It drives me crazy and I am his mother who suffers severe and I mean severe anxiety which can last for months on and months off.  When it's off I think wow, I'm cured and when it's on I think I will never be the same.  But as far as my son I can't stand all the maybe Lupus.  Does he have it does he not have it.  You would think CHOP could give a solid answer.
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Katzpurr, how are your symptoms now? Hope you can update us how did you resolve the symptoms...would be helpful for the rests here...thank you.
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I have the same thing but my doctor put me on meds and I'm still having the same problems even if I get away from everybody go out side take trips and I have the same systems so I don't know what else to do
This is an old post, if you make a new post you might get more input.  But if your meds aren't working, you're on the wrong meds.  Are you seeing a psychiatrist or a regular doc, how many meds have you tried, and are you in therapy as well and learning any relaxation techniques and lifestyle changes that might mitigate how bad you feel day to day?
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