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Is this a panic attack? Please help me..

my name is DJ. About 4 years ago i had a horrible experience with a drug.. since that moment my life has been turned upside down.. I am completely depersonalized, and scared.. I have horrible thoughts that send me into a horrifying panic.. now let me explain my panic mode. As far as i know it is unlike all others.. My heart doesn't start to beat really fast, I don't start hyper venalating, I don't get the shakes.. What I experience is a sudden flash of real life.. everything suddenly becomes VERY real.. Imagine instantly jumping from a cartoon to a sitcom.. It is the scariest thing ever.. Now this mainly happens when I am in a car, therefore I am almost completely homebound.. I can go about 2 blocks down my road, and that's it. I was a completely outgoing person.. very socially active now I can't leave my own house.. I have been to the doctor multiple times, each time they can not figure out what is wrong with me.. ALSO, it feels like everyday goes by SO fast.. and i can barely remember any of it.. it feels extremely weird talking to people, and I am scared all the time.. I basically live in my room... My memory is horrible, and I just really need to know what is wrong with me.. Can someone please tell me if they are experiencing anything like I am? Or can someone please tell me what is wrong with me.. thank you.
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Sounds kinda like it to me. Usually depersonalization occurs in younger people ( teenagers), although I'm sure there's no hard and fast rule on the subject I'm aware of. I would give it lots of thought before starting on meds maybe cbt? Or ask me in a few days maybe I'll have a different view on the subject I'm 3 days off xanax c/t right now and currently trying to decide if I should head to the ER(I actually pay my bill so it's a tough decision) good luck to you I wish I'd never started any meds,  hopefully you can avoid them.
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I am on buspirone.. but i'm weening off of it, it doesn't seem to be doing anything at all. The sudden flashes of real life, like everything becomes very real very fast, that's a panic attack? and this started when i was 16 years old. I'm 20 now.
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It could be I'm no psychiatrist, but the good news is if it is , that's still all it is.  I know they suck and it's weird, but healthy young people don't die of panic attacks... ever. Was there a point when buspar did anything for you? I'm just curious as I may be taking a permanent hiatus from benzos,  I took buspar for a couple weeks with no results but I would be more interested in somthing like that at this point.
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honestly, i'd just take vitamins if I were you.. maily B vitamins.. they help a lot.. do some research on what vitamins help with anxiety.. I take them everyday and they have absouletly no side effects. the buspar helps but VERY little. the begining side effects are horrible.. random flashes of dizzyness.. If I were you I would read "at last a life" by paul david, you can buy it on amazon for 9.99 it's very helpful. OR try the Charles linden method.. his program has succesfully cured over 155,000 people worldwide. It cost 200.00 but it's supposed to be the number one physcologist reccomened method and has helped A LOT of people. look into it.
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I've gotten panic attacks for years, but I've never hyperventilated or had any of the other physiological symptoms.  It's not true that all or even most people get those --  only some do.  The common symptom is irrational anxiety and avoidance.  And to all, research Buspar.  My understanding is and has been for a long time that this drug failed its clinical trials and it's only accepted use these days is as an adjunct to an antidepressant.  It has been described by some as a drug long in search of something to treat.  I'm sure it helps some, though.  
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