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Is this an anxiety disorder?

Ok, I'm 23 and this is really getting me down. Here is my list of problems, it's driving me mad. I have had all of these on and off for months now and haven't really had much help from the doctors. Can anybody tell me if this could just be an anxiety problem that's gotten out of control?

- sciatic nerve pain in my right leg
- sciatic type pain that travels upward through my abdomen
- hot flushes in my left foot
- numbness in both thumbs
- stabbing pain in some joints
- a resting heart rate sometimes of 120
- heart palpitations
- sensation of cold water dripping on my legs while I'm walking
- muscle twitches
- tinnitus
- dizziness
- other sensations in my face or limbs that just don't quite feel right (tingling, pain, numbness, hot or cold)

I also went to A&E a few months back because of a very severe pain in my abdomen. I had blood tests (which revealed a higher than usual white cell count, and blood and proteins in my urine) but a normal liver and kidney function. I also had an ultrasound done of my aorta etc which showed nothing really despite the fact the doctor heard a whooshing sound in my abdomen with his stethoscope.

Can anybody suggest anything?

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Aside from a few symptoms that could clearly be linked to anxiety, the majority of your symptoms, I believe, should be evaluated by a Neurologist.
Please make an appointment as soon as possible so you can put your mind at rest.
Being anxious about these symptoms can only make them worse.
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