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Is this anxiety- I think so..

I feel easily irritated & angered- feeling like I hate everything, the littlest thing/overly critical (negative mode spirals but not today), past two days were pretty bad, I like to isolate, feeling uptight.  I do NOT want to be this way, although today was a much better day!!  : )  I am thinking it may be situational, which means I am being reactive to others.  I do not want to socialize much although it depends on the person and I feel uncomfortable with many.  I started taking 5-HTP to see the effects & I am hoping to avoid the alternative of prescription medication.  Thank you in advance!  Any & all feedback is appreciated.
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Irritated/anger could be a sign of depression or anxiety.

Honestly, you sound a lot like I was for several years before I got anxiety disorder.  I'd isolate myself for long periods and get angry about the littlest things.  Boy, I'd get in some foul moods.  I've always had some friends and acquaintances that I couldn't tolerate at times.

To some point I think it's just human nature to get in bad moods, but if it happens a lot you may need to do something about it.  

You may try one of those on-line quizzes (a quality one).  I believe the Mayo Clinic has some self-tests.  If you have insurance, your insurance card may also have a number that you can speak with a nurse or counselor.  They might help you decide if you need to see a doctor and what kind.

Good luck.
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Thanx for your feedback & sharing : )  Today is a better day too.  I have been taking 5-HTP & maybe it is helping.
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Oh yes, I get very irritated sometimes and then the next day I'm fine. That bothers me too, I feel too moody!  Anyway, I think it's human nature too, to be in a bad mood sometimes, but if it interferes with daily life and makes your social habits abnormal, it's time to take a serious look at your psychological well being.  I hate prescription drugs too, but I got so sick with anxiety that I HAD to take something or I was going to starve to death (I get real sick at my stomach when anxious).  Anyway, I think you are doing the right thing by trying natural routes first.  Try some breathing exercises too or meditation.  I think we overanalyze ourselves alot, or we wouldn't be on this forum right!?  If all else fails, I can vouch for Zoloft, it was my good friend for about 1.5yrs and helped stabilize that stuff and helped me feel more social.  I took a very low dosage and then weaned to Cymbalta (have chronic pain issues that Cymbalta helps) and i think I miss the Zoloft.  Well, I hope you don't need to go that route because I hate to take pills but don't cross it off the bottom of the list:)
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I have been with anxiety since I had my daughter 4 years ago, I had depression post-partum and panick attacks, I am on Zoloft 50 mgs a day. I am also a hypocondriac and now I have a very strange pain in my eyes I dont know if anxiety can be part of this eye pain PLEASE HELP
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