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Is this anxiety or nervous system disorder?

Hey guys im 22 year old male and been strugling a lot.
So first of all one night i was sleeping and started felling cold and my heart was pumping so fast next day i woke up and started felling very dizzy and stressed.
Went to doctor only they could say it was anxiety and they gave me antideppresants and im not felling stressed anymore but my dizzines is still here 24/7 i would describe it as a felling in a dream state also have big difficulty in remembering peoples faces and noticed sometimes when i put pressure on my any part of the body i wouldnt fell it which of course happened to me before but not so offten and fast and i get some personality changes i could get sometimes really aggresive in my mind which is not normal my self guys im getting a CT scan soon so wanted to ask im not felling anxious or streesed anymore is it could be just anxiety? Because i really do think that something happened in my brain or possibly i got damaged nervous system?
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A panic attack makes you over-analyze your body and as you noted you felt some of these things before - maybe all of them but just ignored them because you knew they were meaningless. Or maybe they are just in your imagination - For instance your body didn't decide to go cold on you for a while so that self diagnosis was incorrect.

You have no way to determine if something happened to your brain and that doesn't happen to many people anyway, so try to focus on those points instead of trying to determine the scan results now which is impossible.
It is also not possible to diagnose you from here, and we can't even tell if you are experiencing any of the "symptoms" you think are happening so you will have to work with your doctor on that. If you can relax, then anything that is just in your head from fear will disappear, so that is the first thing to work on since the doctor said you likely don't have anything wrong but anxiety fears.
Perhaps therapy will help, but try to calm down yourself first for a few days.
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Well i been really calm for about a month now because of antideppresants so thats the reason im getting a ct scan because i fell those symphtoms and if it was just anxiety they would be gone by now but they didnt so it means there could be something else causing dizziness and memory problems
what med are you on? They can have side effects so hard to tell what your symptoms are from.
Im on flouraxtine but i had all those symthoms even before taking meds so really i dont have a clue what is wrong with me mate haha
Well all those symptoms would make you justified to be feeling anxious. they are all self-diagnosed however, so there is possibility that they aren;t as severe as you think they are and you are just being too hard on yourself.
Try to relax until you get the scan results .
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It's unlikely a CT scan will tell you much, not to dissuade you from pursuing it, but just to say, don't pin all your hopes on it.  I'm wondering if you were feeling anxious before these physical symptoms began -- an anxiety sufferer feels anxious and this can include other problems such as aches and pains from the stress, but you would have been feeling irrational fears about life.  If you just had physiological symptoms but weren't feeling at all anxious at the time, then it's more likely to be something other than anxiety.  You know better than we do how you were doing emotionally before this started.  My concern is that your doctor put you on antidepressants before thoroughly checking you out.  When an antidepressant works, it does diminish emotional anguish, even when that anguish might be caused by a non-emotional cause, but of course it doesn't treat the cause of the problem.  When I started getting my anxiety problem many years ago, it was the routine practice to first send someone to therapy to see if that worked.  If it didn't, the psychologist would eventually recommend you see a psychiatrist about the need for medication.  It wasn't something general docs did, because it's not something they study very much.  Their main job in our health care system is to treat minor problems and route people to the proper specialists if the problem is beyond the scope of their training.  One reason for this is that taking medication has problems of its own, and so should be necessary.  But since then, drugs have become the first response by most doctors to everything -- it's easier than doing the long and hard work of determining exactly what's going on.  So while I have no way of telling you in any way what's happening with you, I can say that I'm not sure you've gotten the best care so far.  Keep searching.  
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