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Is this anxiety related?

Iv had anxiety since I was 15. The past few months it has been worse caused by sinus infection (health anxiety). Iv been having involuntary deep breath threw nose(like a snub when you cry). Some are deeper than others.  And today I kinda gasped at my daughter when we were playing (like the excited gasp you do when u play with a baby) and I had the burning sensation through my body like in an anxiety  attack. Is this kinda like hyperventilation? Or juse an anxiety symtom? Iv resently had a chest xray and 24hr Holtor monitor due to palpitations. They were both normal
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Not sure this is clear -- not sure what an involuntary breath is, I guess.  Hyperventilation is breathing rapidly and deeply so much so that you start to feel faint.  Also don't know that a burning sensation is something that occurs in an anxiety attack.  Also, keep telling yourself, the sinus problem, if you actually have one, isn't causing your anxiety, your anxiety is causing your anxiety.  Life will always be filled with things we have to do and go through, but most people don't panic about it.  That's an anxiety problem from inside you.  Sinus infections, by the way, just go away -- they're almost never serious.  So many people on here keep saying they have one when they don't.  What's really going on?
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I know i cause my anxiety. I actually meant that when I had a sinus infection I had dizziness, clogged ears/nose, head pressure/face pressure, which made me worry because I never felt like tht before. Which the worry caused anxiety attacks. Also when I got over the sinus infection i still had/have nasal, ear & chest congestion (tightness). Which I went to my Dr for a follow-up and told her about my anxiety tht had been making me have heart palpitations (flutters) which also scared me bc I never had them before. So she did an EKG, 24hr heart monitor, chest x-ray, and blood work. All the test were fine other than on my blood work my alt(liver enzymes) were elevated. So she sent me for an ultrasound. I got the results today everything was good except they found 2 polyps on my gallbladder. So I have to go to a specialist.... So with all that said I know I have health anxiety. As a child I always had health problems I was born weighing 2 lbs 11oz 2months early. Throughout my childhood I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, migraines, fibromyalgia, asthma, sleep disorders etc. When my grandpa passed I didn't know how to handle it and that's when the anxiety started. So now when I feel bad I fear its gonna be something bad wrong and now as an adult with 2 kids it affects me more bc as a parent I want to be around many years to come for my kids. Sorry for all the info just thought it might be more understanding if u knew where I was coming from
Yeah, that helps, because you're actually possibly a lucky anxiety sufferer.  Most of us have no idea at all why we got this ridiculous disorder, but you seem to have sources for it.  When you do, therapy works better.  Are you in therapy with a therapist who specializes in anxiety treatment?  Are you doing all the usual relaxation techniques, such as meditation, exercise, eating well, etc.?  
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