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Is this from anxiety/panic disorder

Last night my boyfriend was sleeping over we were watching tv and and all of a sudden I started feeling anxious.
Sometimes I think about moving and talking and then it feels weird and I can't stop. Then I get a tingly headace and I feel like I have to move around a lot. Usually I shake my legs.
And also it felt like nothing was real, like I was out of reality or something. I don't know it's very hard to explain.
I have bad anxiety, and I'm just wondering if this is because of it.
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:D my name is melanie and people call me smel :P (I don't smell bad though) but thank you I was freking out really bad last night
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I positively MUST know how you came up with that nic-name...

but anyway; yeah, probably anxiety. I assume you were not ingesting too many healthful adult grain beverages nor any combusting hallucinatory vegetation, right? And the b/f? Squared away guy?

But what the heck, don't take my word for it; go to HealthPages (upper right) and look at the FAQ covering the various symptoms. Dozens and dozens -and the list is not complete!

But if you are STILL wondering -check with your doc. There may be something they can "rule out" with a test.

Keep in touch, OK?
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