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Is this is just Anxiety??

Hi guys.

So I gonna start by saying over a year ago I had a major stress over a month and one panic attack.
After that I believe I developed some neurological symphtoms which I would describe as.

Felling like on some hard core drugs 24/7 for over a year its like im stoned or high all the time.

Then I get tinnitus which usually comes and goes.

Random thouths or songs in my brain.

Cold hands and feet

Headackes usually last for about 1 to 2 seconds

Difficulty breathing (no anxiety or stress)

Sometimes hearing my own heart beat in my ears.

Poor memory

Difficulty in making decisions

There was few times I felt electric shock going thouth my body.

Depression ( I only have it because I fell like that)

Do yous think its anxiety?

I seen psychiatrist been on antidepresants nothing my symphtoms persist the same they said it could be anxiety but I dont fell any anxiety anymore so if it was anxiety symphtoms should be gone by now.
And most of them are 24/7 and they are ruining my life.
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A panic attack is obviously an anxious reaction.  A lot of people have anxiety attacks at some points in their lives but it doesn't turn into a chronic problem.  It's when it does that it's an anxiety problem.  Question:  How old are you?  Another question:  who put you on an antidepressant and why?  Another question:  did anyone do a complete physical testing you for all sorts of things people can get to rule out a physiological problem?  Last question:  Did anyone suggest you see a therapist before they put you on medication?  
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