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Is this lung cancer or anxiety?

I suffer from anxiety where I am convinced I have certain diseases or illnesses. It's gone from heart attack to bladder cancer to kidney infection to HIV and it slowed down a few months but I found out my back pain I have is a symptom of lung cancer. I have upper back pain/soreness and goes between shoulders as well kinda comes and goes but I had soreness that lasted 4 days, sometimes short of breath like when I walked a mile, shoulder pain, arm soreness, and feels like something is in my throat. I'm 16 and I'm a girl I've smoked cigarettes twice, weed about 10 times & I own an e cig and smoke that. I'm scared to death please help
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its anxiety love... i am so sorry you have these worries. I have been through this all my life...so many diseases i have thought i had too. Hopefully you are getting some support from a good anxiety therapist to help you manage. Keep active with things you enjoy and good luck .I totally know how scary it is but you will get through xx
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