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Is this normal?

Is it normal to experience heart flutters and skipped heart beats and changed heart rhythm when you feel guilty about something? now maybe I have panic disorder and agoraphobia as well, but when I just think about something that remotely makes me feel guilty my heart starts to act really weird, even sexual, If i am being sexually stimulated and I feel slightly guilty about it - I really don't know why this happens the feeling of guilt- ( maybe this is all because of my religious background, I was introduced to religion at a very young age and using very wrong methods by my family e.g father and mother) not the point right now, I've no explanation why guilt or fear maybe or sexual stimulation would trigger such unusual events of heart flutters cause I went through series of tests and the Docs keep saying my heart is fine, any ideas? anyone...
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I have skipped beats as well, fluttering, flips, skips,etc. and it can be pretty scary. I also have GAD and Panic Disorder which thankfully is under control with the help of my doctor and medications... But its not uncommon to have these with anxiety. I have seen many cardios who said stress and anxiety can make them worse.

I would try to address the issues of your guilty feelings and see if that helps with the sensations you are having.
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Anxiety can cause the heart fluttering feelings. I understand what you're talking about. I do think maybe your religious background may be the point.
Have you ever thought about therapy to help with your anxiety? I think it could really help you. It could teach you coping skills and you will also learn why you're having this anxiety and guilt.
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