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Is visual snow anxiety related?

Like I've said in previous posts, I've been an anxiety sufferer since September but I've recently started getting visual snow. It doesn't bother me its just annoying. Is this a symptom of anxiety or something else? I keep getting more and more symptoms, yet I've had my eyes tested, blood tested, oxygen levels tested and tests for numbness to rule things out and they put it down to anxiety? Is visual snow a symptom of anxiety??
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I know this post is old but did you ever figure out what was going on? I've been suffering from anxiety for almost a year now and the symptoms keep changing. I have visual snow now and I feel like sometimes I can ignore and forget about it like it's not even there. But then I start to think of it again and it gets much worse. Any help or advice you can give? I almost think it's that I'm so anxious that I'm extremely aware of my vision. I just would appreciate any advice! I'm 22 and want to enjoy my last year of college without anxiety and health problems.
Ever get a headache following the snow?  This is probably caused by vascular constriction, which can be caused by anxiety.  Basically, it's pressure on the head caused by constriction of the blood vessels up there, then when they start to open up the extremities are still constricted and the blood flows mostly right up to the head.  It's also the cause of migraines.  Evening out your circulation might help with this, and this can be done with exercise, meditation, and relaxation exercises.
Thank you for your thoughtful replies! I will definitely give these a try
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