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Is what I am going through anxiety or something more sinister?

I have been having so many physical symptoms since about January of 2017 and it's been a mess. I am a 20 year old male who is healthy. Family history is healthy as well. In January I began having bright red blood in my stool. After convincing myself I had 3 different types of cancers from Dr. Google, I eventually went to the doctor who put me on Miralax. Stool was soft and I stopped bleeding. I went through a lot of stress between January and June, and in June I changed jobs into a more stressful environment and at the same time broke up with my long time girlfriend. That week it all happened my right thumb swelled up along with a spot on my forearm that again I convinced myself I had seven different types of cancers. It went away after a few days. Then I began my new job, which was very stressful and I began having eyelid twitches, eye floaters, after images, blue field entopic phenomena, and everyday I was twitching and jerking and completely anxious and stressed. I went to the ophthalmologist who checked my eyes and said everything is fine. I got back with my girlfriend and began to eat more (I had lost my appetite originally) around September and began to feel a bit better. I started taking magnesium and B12 and as of now, my twitches are gone, my eyes have improved. I still have floaters and blue field entopic phenomena but it's reduced. However, I've begun having TMJ problems (left sided headaches, earaches, jaw popping) which originally convinced me I had a brain tumor, and now I'm starting to reduce that as well. A few weeks ago I noticed a very small, painless, move able lump in my left shoulder/neck region that I figured was a lymph node (I was sick around this time with a bad fever) so I figured it would go away. However today, I was feeling my shoulder and I found it again. It hasn't changed but it freaked me out it didn't go away so now I'm convinced I have lymphoma. I'm going to see my new GP in 2 weeks (switching from pediatrician to a big boy doctor lol) and I will mention it then.

I'm just so worried I'm overlooking some hideous disease with all these symptoms and chalking it off as stress/anxiety. Thanks to google I've convinced myself of a bunch of cancers, Lyme, MS, and whatever crazy stuff I can find. I've had general blood work and urinalysis done in November and everything was fine along with a chest x-ray. Am I really just anxious or should I be more concerned with my overall health?

I'm starting a new job in January that will hopefully be less stressful than my last job. These past 3 weeks have been great I finally started feeling better even though some symptoms stayed and now this has me all worried again.
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I hope you'll listen to me -- Google is useless if you have no experience or expertise in something.  The same symptoms can occur in hundreds of disease states and in perfectly healthy people.  Google is only useful when you have a diagnosis from a medical professional of some sort and you want to double check to make sure the treatment makes sense.  But what you're doing is driving you nuts, so stop doing it and get into therapy so you can figure out this insecurity and anxious thinking and move past it if possible.  At your age, it's unlikely you'd have all these health problems, but even if you did, feeling so anxious about them would just make them worse.  Your problem is anxiety, and that's the problem you should be seeking help for.  Good luck.
" ophthalmologist who checked my eyes and said everything is fine"
Part of your problem is not accepting his diagnosis that there was nothing wrong with your eyes, because you said later your eye problems have gone away - it is possible they didn't exist except in your imagination due to over-analyzing your body looking for something wrong.
Hopefully the therapy can help you come to grips with everyday twitches and whatever else you think is a serious problem (but likely isn't), and let you ignore them. There are about 5,000 disease conditions humans can have, so it is best not to spend time worrying that one will happen since at your age the chance is close to zero.
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