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I've been feeling especially anxious recently

Recently, I've been feeling especially anxious when I go outdoors, like at the mall. I'm quite an anxious guy, but It's weird because I usually never get anxious outside. I have a theory that because I've been indoors for so long due to quarantine, that I've become accustomed to this lazy, indoor lifestyle. So when I go outdoors, I feel anxious because I'm used to said lifestyle. But I'm not sure. What could be the cause? And What could I do about it? Could I just go outside more and get accustomed to the outdoors again, so I don't get anxious?
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Have you ever heard of agoraphobia? https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/agoraphobia/symptoms-causes/syc-20355987  When someone is really anxious, they fear leaving because they may get 'trapped' and the anxiety intensifies and THEN what are they going to do?  Lots of things cause this.  Exposure therapy can help.  Also, the old 'opposite' theory. Do the opposite of what you are feeling.  Just do it.  And you normally have a different outcome. Are you seeing a therapist? Telehealth works well for that. And medication can be a game changer.
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