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Journaling your Moods...............

Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone out there journals their day, or moods? My therapist suggested to me that I begin journaling as a form of therapy, not only to get my thoughts out there, but to also be able to track my moods, and see if we can put our finger on what triggers my mood swings and anxiety. I have never journaled before, or kept a diary, but it is something I am considering. I guess I'm wondering if this has helped any of you out there. I am willing to try anything to help me get to the root cause of all of these mood swings, anger and anxiety!

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I have been journaling for a few days...not sure how much it is helping me at this point, but I do know that it nice to be able to have the sense of control over it at least...and also nice to be able to look back on a good day, when I felt positive, or made a little progress...at the very least, I am sure it can't hurt...
You can actually use the journal feature on your profile here on this own site! (I am doing that, but also going to keep a written journal too, maybe with a little more specific details...)
Good luck...let us know how it goes!
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I thought about the journaling on here, which I might do, but my therapist thinks it might be good to journal before I go to bed, to reflect on what "good" things happened that day. And what trends might have happened that day to see what triggers these moods of mine. I swear, I am such a bear that I wouldn't hang out with me most of the time, I stopped being fun a long time ago, and I know it is putting a lot of stress on my relationship. Maybe forcing myself to think of some positive things in my day will help me. I don't know, I am having a bad day today, feeling horrible!
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I think that journaling is an excellent idea.  When I first went through anxiety, I was really hesitent to put in the effort to do it, but after awhile you start to see certain patterns and can really chart your long term progress.  I even look back on it years later to try to understand the process of accepting and dealing with it.  If you are consistend with it, I believe that it is an excellent tool to help you get through this...keep us posted!
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Well, I bought a Journal last night, and wrote my first entry. It felt really good to get my thoughts out on paper, I felt like I could write things, that aren't always easy to say out loud. I am hoping this really helps me, and I can get some sort of idea or pattern of where all of this anxiety, frustration and anger are coming from.

Thank You for your inputs!
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I would suggest doing "Pranayam" the breathing exercise from Yoga, thousands of people have overcome their anxiety problems by following and doing yoga...
if interested let me know i can search some materials and post..

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Thank you for the suggestion, I am actually looking into joining a Yoga class near my house. I have done some restorative Yoga at home, and liked a lot. I am familiar with this type of breathing! Thanks Again!
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