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Jury duty?

I've been diagnosed with social anxiety, especially the fear of speech, couple years ago.
At the time I was in school so I got free therapies, sessions, and medication with a counselor and MD.
I took some medication that helped me with my anxiety which I stopped taking after a while.
I didn't really have an issue with social anxiety since then until today where I was summoned for jury duty.
I was very indifferent for most of the day until I was moved into the court room with many other jurors and from that point on my anxiety started to build up. I asked to have a private talk with the lawyers and the judge and told them about my anxiety and how it will effect the trial. I thought I got out of it because they didn't call my name for voir dire. But at the end of the day they asked me to return tomorrow since they are not done with the questions and I would probably get questioned tomorrow. So I know my anxiety level is going to build up and would tremble a lot during the voir dire. I found the pills I used to take which expired two years ago :( Would it help at all if I take it tomorrow? Or any other suggestions?

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I also was summoned to do jury duty, but because of my social anxiety I had my doctor write me a medical note which excused me from having to do it.
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I would definitely NOT recommend you take medication that is two years old.

If you can get hold of your doctor and explain to his RN or PA the situation, he/she MAY script you a few tablets to help you get through tomorrows questioning. Or, if they are aware of your social anxiety, perhaps they can write a note that would excuse you from jury duty. I know that many medical conditions constitute justifiable release from jury duty.

If he/she can't or won't do that, then I'm afraid you're going to have to just do the best you can. If you tremble, so what? You already explained your condition to the judge and the lawyers..........if they see you trembling, they may dismiss you immediately. That's the best case scenario. If they don't, you should keep your focus only on the person talking to you.......try to block out all the other people. (And I'm willing to bet you are not the only one fighting nerves!) Take long, slow, deep breaths. This will keep you from hyperventilating which will only increase your anxiety. One thing that I know helps many people with social anxiety is to carry what some call a "comfort stone" with them and gently rub it when the spotlight is on them. This stone should be quite small, it should fit, unnoticed, inside your palm and if it's flat, that is better. Keep your hands in your lap and slowly stroke the stone.........don't rub away at it like you're trying to start a fire! My understanding is that this gentle rubbing of the stone will give your body an outlet for the anxiety you're feeling. It's just an idea but it makes a lot of sense to me. It certainly can't hurt.

Also try to remember that the focus is only going to be on YOU for a very short period of time. A few questions from each lawyer and you'll be done. Concentrate on their faces and the question, deep breaths, rub your rock and you'll be just fine..........or really, really close. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. I promise.

When this is over, talk to your doctor about the anxiety returning. Perhaps some therapy would help and you may not even need medication. Or maybe once this is over, you'll be just fine..........you have options.
I wish you the best
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