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Just A Panic Attack????

O.K. so I was sitting on the floor packing for vacation and all of a sudden out of nowhere I got this really bad dizzy spell and I felt as if I couldn't breath.  Could it have just been a panic attack? I have never had one come on like that before.  I wasn't really doing anything to make me anxious.

Then of course I thought it was my heart because I do have a murmur.  Back in May I had an echocardiogram and an ekg of my heart which all came back normal.  I also had an MRI, CT scan, and eeg done on my brain all came back normal.  I would think that if it was something serious it would have shown up on those tests.  

So basically my question is should I be running to the dr or could it be just panic?  I have had high anxiety lately....Am I losing my mind?????  HELP!!!
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I get bad anxiety and panic before vacations all the time.
It's humiliating that I can't even do an enjoyable thing that comes up infrequently without having to suffer with it.  You'd think these would be the tiimes we can escape anxiety and relax and enjoy.  Sadly, for some of us it's not.  My kids would say 'Dad doesn't like going on vacation'!    Well who doesn't like it???  If you got 'waterboarded' every time you went on vacation, who would like going?
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This sounds like a typical panic attack.  They occur at any time, anxious or not and that's what is so confusing to us.  You're not losing your mind, and you say you've had more anxiety lately.  Take care and have a wonderful vacation!!
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