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Just stopped lexapro

So 5 days ago i stopped taking lexapro 5mg, for about 2 weeks i was only taking it every other day and have been on it a total of about 3 1/2 months. I hate being on medication, i want to control my anxiety and depression on my own with more natural ways, ie: working out, meditaion, breathing excersizes etc. Ive done it before and i know i can do it again. Well the day after i stopped it i started my mentral and have been a little extra moody and emotional and i dont know if its a side effect of getting off lexapro or just my woman issue??? I assumed taking only 5mg of lexapro wouldnt be that difficult getting off of, am i wrong?
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Hello there,

Quitting a drug is rarely seen with no symptoms. Most of the time people who are starting a new medication will have some side effect that will only last for a couple of days ( nausea, headaches, drowsiness, anxiety and other mood disorders ) until the body adjusts to the new medication. The same is true when you stop. You body needs to adjusts again for the chemical changes in your system.


''I hate being on medication, i want to control my anxiety and depression on my own with more natural ways, ie: working out, meditaion, breathing excersizes etc.''

Here is something i suggest for someone who wants natural anti-anxiety remedies:

-Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
-Kava ( piper methysticum )

You might consider trying Melatonin 1 to 3 hours before she goes to sleep it help regulate sleep paterns. Melatonin signal forms part of the system that regulates the sleep-wake cycle by chemically causing drowsiness and lowering the body temperature, but it is the central nervous system (more specifically, the suprachiasmatic nuclei, SCN) that controls the daily cycle in most components of the paracrine and endocrine systems rather than the melatonin signal. It's also good as an anti-anxiety supplement and it's a powerful antioxidant and it can also boost your immune system.

Physical activity and healthy diet is also a natural anxiety suppressors. Adding some Omega-3 to the diet program could be a great idea. To help lift moods and help calm anxiety, keep away from processed foods and eat more natural products. Also what we drink can have an affect on our stress levels.

Food i recommend as anti-anxiety diet are:

-Wholegrain foods
-Brown rice
-Cottage Cheese
-Skimmed milk or try replacing milk with soy milk
-Fresh fish
-Poached Egg
-Baked potato
-Peanut butter

For more information on relaxation techniques, meditation, deep breathing you can write to me and i will be please to give you all the info you need. Have you ever heard of binaural beats ( do a google search on the subject ) for meditation and relaxation? I have plenty of resources for these and more.

Hope this help.

Best regards,
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