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Kidney failure?

Hi, I'm a 14 year old female that is currently freaking out. I was an idiot, and checked online for the symptoms of kidney failure because I had back pain around where the kidneys are... Symptoms included, pain around the kidneys, swollen ankles of pain in the ankles, you get tired after walking  up a flight of stairs..lol all of which I experience, also, when I urinate, I don't feel like all of the urine has come out of me.... I'm so scared that I have kidney disease/ kidney failure. Please, if you have similar experiences or calming words, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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At your age. And kind of organ failure  is rare lol dont google its evil! All our worst enemy. You could possibly have a urine infection though. Get a urine sample to your doctor and have it tested. A short course of antibiotics fixes this if thats the case :D

Drink plenty of water.

You could possibly be due a visit from " aunt flow" some women get swollen ankles at that time of month
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I went to the hospital last night and they did I urine sample and took some blood. I got the results back today and they said that everything was fine, but I am scheduled for an ultrasound on Thursday because they want to make sure they didn't miss anything. Thanks for your comment though,I t calmed me down.
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