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Klonopin help please!

Today is 7 weeks clean of Xanax...cold turkey.  It has been a real mofo.  The good days outnumber the bad ones but I honestly need something to help with my anxiety....I can no longer go it alone.  Xanax had some really bad side effects for me.....weight loss, increased anger, mental fog and many others.

My question is this.  Does anyone here have any good reports about Klonopin or Valium?  My doctor will only give me xanax which I know is short acting...I need something that lasts longer.

What are the side effects short term and long term?  Is it worse than xanax when trying to quit?  Any help would be appreiated.
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Xanax is generally used for short term use for anxiety disorder because of the potential for addiction. The anti-anxiety medication with the least potential for a person to build up a tolerance to it is Klonopin. I've been on it 10 years without a problem. I'm not sure why your doctor will only give you Xanax. Unless he prescribed it for occassional use. Otherwise out of the two Klonopin has less of a potential for a person to build up a tolerance to it than Valium. Some people find it makes them tired (but for that reason its good for promoting sleep) but I've never had a problem with it. Its safer long term than Xanax which can be problematical for other than occasional use.
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I would also have to agree that Klonopin is one of the better benzos and is often prescribed for long term use.  It has a much longer half life, and it is not easily as addicting as Xanax, although it still is a benzo and must be taken as prescribed...keep us posted.  I am glad that you are making a lot of progress coming off of the Xanax...keep us posted!
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