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Klonopin not working

Hey guys
I was recently perscribed Zoloft for anxiety. It is really helping me, but I've always had sleeping problems and the Zoloft has kind of heightened that. I wasn't sleeping at all so I went back to my doctor who gave me .5 Klonopin to take at night for sleep. It is really not helping. Once I fall asleep, it keeps me asleep, but my problem is actually FALLING asleep and the klonopin doesnt make me feel tired so I'm still not falling asleep until around 3-4am. I have another appointment in 3 weeks to see how things are going so I'm going to ask to try a different benzo, so my question is : in the mean time, is it okay to try taking 2 klonopin at night instead of 1?
Also, I've been all over the net on this topic and I seem to be the only one who doesnt get sleepy from klonopin, is this bizarre?
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Benzos aren't good sleep remedies, and they're addictive serious drugs.  Sometimes these early side effects go away with time, but you might want to start by trying something gentler such as melatonin or valerian or passionflower or some combination or Calm's Forte, a homeopathic remedy.  There's a lot out there.  The problem with benzos for sleep is, besides being addictive serious drugs that are hard to stop taking, they interfere with REM sleep, as does Zoloft.  Something else you might try is a magnesium supplement -- anti-depressants often interfere with magnesium absorption, and that can be interfering with sleep.  The other problem is that some anti-depressants are stimulating to some users, while to others they are sedating.  And please, if you do take benzos, don't take the herbs I mentioned, since both work on GABA.
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My doctor prescribed me Celexa klonopin and Trilozam to help me sleep. The Trilozam helps a lot.
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have u tried meditation music ? when u go to bed turn all the light off even the tv and just listen to that or deeo sleep music helps me fall aleep fast
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