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Just got put on 1 mg of klonopin 2 x daily. (clonazepam) yesterday. Noticed a little calming at 1/2 tablet, but took the prescribed 1 mg this morning ,and doesn't seem to be helping..anxiety is just as bad. Anyone have any experience with this med? Tks..
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Give it a while to get into your system. It is not an instant worker. Needs a bit of time to build up in the system. Then you should feel the full effects of it. I love the medication. It works great for me. Covers the full day. Medication works for some and doesn't for others. We all differ. Just give it a few weeks. I doubt you would notice any difference after one day. It is different from the other benzos. No instant kick in effects at all. A slow worker. More steady form of medication. Much better for people in my own opinion.
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Ive been on klonopin .5mg 3 times a day the first couple days didnt feel like it was helpin at all been on it for a week now and can tell a difference big time more relaxed dont worry so much and was able to go to the strawbwerry festival with my family and had a good time couldnt have done that before.I have extreme gad and panic disorder and it has helped me give it a shot they may have to adjust your dose.
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Do you know if it's ok to take clonazapam if you are also taking an anti-arrythmic for occasional a-fib to help you relax?
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That question would be best put to a doctor. Which I am not. As both as to relax you I would strongly suggest you ask your doctor or even the local chemist. There may be ways of taken them together. Once it is not all in one go. Or on the otherhand they may conflict with each other. Can happen at times. One making the other stronger. Can't say I had ever heard of an anti-arrythmic until tonight. I am just googling it.
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