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anxiety is ruling my world right now, and I am on 5mg of lexapro and was wondering if taking 10mg would help lessen the anxiety or make it worse, my doctor said i was supposed to take 5mg for 2 weeks and then up it to 10mg but I have had worse anxiety since being on the 5mg for three weeks then i ever had. please any advice would help i feel like this is never going to end
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In my experience with SSRIs, when you start/stop/adjust the dosage it will actually increase your anxiety a little more.  First of all, many people are already nervous about taking them and will focus on any and every symptom and second, it can take a little while for the body to adjust to the medication. For me, it took about a month or so to actually 'kick in.'  Don't increase dosage on your own; follow your doctors instructions. Quite often, a doctor will prescribe a benzo like ativan or xanax for short term use while you start a medication like Lexapro.  I am a big proponent of medications like these as long as they are not abused and they are used in conjunction with talk therapy whenever possible....keep us posted!
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I agree with cj29.  I have been on Lexapro 10mg for about 4 months.  I was given a very small does of Xanax to start with it.  This really helped.  Definately work with your Doctor and take the medicine only as he or she prescribes.

Good Luck!!
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give it amonth.. its just working good now in me 4 weeks now.. feel much better
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I just saw your comment which gives me some hope - I started 5 mg around 9 Feb, upped to 10 mg around 20 feb, up to 15 mg 11 March and 20 mg 6 April (10 days ago).  I am reading you may need to wait a few weeks for improvement each time you increase the dose? I have seen improvement in depression but still have anxiety episodes. I also don't feel "normal" yet - so I have improvement but only say 50%. Should I continue a bit longer with the 20 mg. Doc added low dose 10 mg nortriptylene which I started last night and slept better.
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Hello, I was taking 5MG of Lexapro for anxiety and had ups and downs so my doctor decided to increase the dosage to 10mg. The first day after increase I didn't feel the best but then I had about a week of feeling great! Now the last 5 days I haven't been feeling the best, slowly getting better each day. Been on 10MG for 2 weeks and 3 days. Does anyone know when you increase your dosage does the clock restart for the 4-6 weeks for the side effects? Please any advise on this would be very helpful! Thanks.
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