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LUVOX help!

My fiancé suffers from severe anxiety and has been taking 250 mg of Luvox daily.  He is extremely exhausted.  He can not even stand up, drive or be social involved.  Feeling this way is even making him depressed and have no motivation.  He already lowered the Luvox dosage a few times already.  Is this medicine for him?
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Is this the depression from his anxiety or is it from the medication?  That can be kind of  hard to try to figure out in my experience, but there are other options in my opinion if this does not work for him.  Sometimes it is a little trial and error when figuring out which medication is right for you.  There are other SSRIs like Luvox that may be a better match, but he should discuss this with his doctor.  I support the use of medications like Luvox, but remember it will not cure him of anything...in my experience, it is a great tool to use while learning about your anxiety through counseling.  By learning about it, it can help him attain long term relief from it in my opinion....keep us posted!
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He needs to go to the shrink or MD asap. He is not getting symptom relief and I doubt its the med. Why did he fiddle with the dose? Is he and ace in pharmacopia? That sounded harsh but
improper symptom control kills us.Often non intentional. hE MAY NEED DIAGNOSIS REEVALUATED. i CANT ASSUME. mAKE HIS APP. AND DRIVE HIM THERE, HELP EXPLAIN HIS SYMPTOMS. sorry big text
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If anxiety is severe a benzodiazepine is usually given to take until antidepression kicks in, that could be a month
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