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Legs and Arms feel light and weak ?

Thank God I found this website. Since 4 months I have been feeling down since Doctors say  I have Anxiety issues but I don't believe them.

I am Male 22, had so called panic attack in last November first time. Went to Emergency and though I was dying of heart attack! Doctor said it was Panic Attack!!

Since that day Everyday I wake up with light floating legs and arms. I feel they don't have the energy!! Like I some walk on toes!!!

Have had heart tests/ blood work doctors say its Anxiety.

ANYWAY I have tons of other symptoms!

Last night i came across this neurological autoimmune disease "MS" NOW I am scared to death I might have that!

Seriously what should I do!!! Why do I worry so much !!!

Can we get weak legs and arms feeling from Anxiety!

I do have other Anxiety symptoms like wierd chest tightness/light headedness and others!

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I have had all of the symptoms you've described. I had my first panic attack back in April  '08. It started with the room spinning and I felt like I was going to black out. Since then, I've experienced chronic lightheadedness, dizziness, cranial pressure, tingly, limbs, buzzing in my muscles, faintness, fatigue, heavy head, and yes, light, weak limbs.
          I've had every test in the book done, from MRIs, to the whole spectrum of tests at the ENT. At any given time, I thought I had MS, cancer, neurological disorders, and blood problems. Once a neurologist told me that I suffered from anxiety, it was still a few months before I convinced myself that that was in fact the problem. Since then, I've begun attending therapy and started a medication.
         I'm 25 now, and I've been coming to these forums for a few months now. I've noticed that there are a lot of cases of anxiety in peoples' twenties. It's a stressful time of your life, when you're trying to get situated with relationships, work, continued education, and a sense of where you are in the world.
        You're going to have good days and bad days and don't get discouraged if it doesn't clear up in a few weeks. I've been suffering with my symptoms for 10 months and it's made me stronger than I ever thought I was capable of being. I've found that the best thing you can do is to stay busy. Persevereance is the key to beating this. Keep a positive attitude, stay healthy (exercise, eat well), and stay close with your friends and family. They're your best support. I think it's great that you've found this forum. It's done wonders for me, just talking about my issues and finding other people who can relate to them. You'll get through this, just like I will.
              There's a quote I read somewhere that I always tell myself whenever I'm having a bad day: "The human spirit is stronger than anything that can be done to it." Good luck and make sure to post if you're having problems.
i have been suffering from my whole body feeling light and feeling like im dying or my body giving up and at night it gets worst have feelings as if i cant breathe and i been to the doctor and they told me everything was fine and i still don't believe that it is i hate i wish it can just go away Im 19 years old my body feels as it just gonna give up on me or Im gonna die right away but i know im not i feel like that im gonna stop breathing or something or my heart gonna stop and at night i think that im going to die how can this stop?
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i have been suffering from this deadly dissorder for oner 12 years the symptoms are odd and still extreamly scary. to this day i still end up in the ER when a bad one hits. my symptoms are (and im sure i will miss a few) dizzyness, lightheadedness,blurry vision ,rapid or slow heart rate,confusion,heart / chest pain,tight chest and throat,lack of oxygen,vomiting,pins and needles all over body,skiping heart beat,headaches,numbness in arms, leggs,face,hands,and lips. musckle weakness to the point i cant even stand or walk...the list can go on forever. im taking 3 medications to help controll it but everyday is a strugle. so for all sufferers....anxiety can cause so many odd and frightning symptoms, but most likely you do not have a serious health issue :).
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I almost died giving birth to my twins 10 years ago, for 2 years after, I had dizziness, tingling in arms and legs, pressure in head, rapid heart beat, fear of dying or something seriously wrong with me. I saw so many doctors in that 2 year time, and many visits to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack or something worse. Finally they tested me for MS....the neurologist said I had anxiety issues....So many doctors said that but I didnt believe anxiety could do this to your body. I finally gave in and excepted the fact, I am not dying, I have an anxiety disorder. I have been on xanax for 8 years now. It works, but is very addictive, I can't get off it. Lately my stress must be high because i am getting my symptoms back and xanax isn't helping, which causes me to panic more. Now this week I have weak jello like legs and major headaches all day , nothing gets rid of these head aches. SO I am panicking again, thinking something else is wrong with me. I went to doctor today, I was going to go back on paxil, which did help me but made me gain so much weight. So my doctor said I should try something else, effexer. So I will start that tomorrow and see if it helps. Have any of you ever had headaches that wont go away for a week straight with your anxiety? It scares me, but I am trying to convince myself that its just my anxiety and not something serious. My Doctor seems to think thats what it is but will keep an eye on it. Uhhgg I am so sick of living like this. God bless all of you who are going through this same stuff. Its so scary.
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I belive its the anxiety. ive sufferd from panic attacks and anxiety for over 5 years. ive got the floating feeling in myarms and head. its very scary but the best thing to do is just think to yourself oh this is new ect. ride the wave. it cant halm you in any way. all it can do is scare you. it carries on because you let it carry on it fuels of your panic and thinking of ot.
Thed best cure for it is to go with the flow and try and get on with your normal activities. i know its easy to say get on with it but its also the hardest its taken me a year of therpy to realise it.
CBT is what im having at the moment from the NHS and its brilliant!
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Yesterday I was so busy cleaning, visiting family, trying to get the kids cooperative. I got done cleaning and went to lay on the couch in the quiet listening to music for about 5 minutes. All of a sudden I felt headache, dizzy, my legs went very weak, i had a weird taste in my mouth (may be from cleaning with bleach) and kinda felt like I was floating. It was scary but I walked outside thinking feeling like i needed some air, my legs felt weak and kind of numb. I've been thinking I need to go to the doctor. A year ago I broke my leg and trying to take care of 2 kids on crutches was very hard. I started with chest pains I felt like my chest was so tight it was going to burst for a whole week. I went to doctor and had a EKG, stress test, and a ultra sound. Everything came back normal. I'm thinking I do have anxiety very bad. I had one episode of the "heart attack" feeling in 2006. Have not had one like that since then. My grandmother did have MS and that scares me so bad to have that! What should I do?
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Also, is there anything recommended for those days you feel so tired! Sometimes I have missed work, feeling like my body was so tired I could not move....any advice?
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I had my first panic attack December 17, 2012 it came on me at work. All of a sudden a tingly feeling came over my body and my heart started racing. I felt like I was going to faint, I also thought it was a heart attack. I felt like I was going to die. Scary *** ****. So I had to leave and was taken to see a doctor. He told me it was anxiety. Asking if I've been stressing or anything like that. He prescribed me Alprozolam,And it worked but I didn't want to take it anymore. It came to the point where I had to take it or I'd get a panic attack. I had constant anxiety for a week. My body felt shaky and worried scared in the pit of my stomach. I couldn't take it. So I called my dad because he knows alot about natural medicine. I drank tea made from Valerian Root and St. John's Wort about 3 t after I stayed with him. But it's working so far. I still drink the valerian root every once in awhile
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Hi all  I am a 34year old female who has suffered fro anxiety since was 22year-old. I remember my first attack like it wax yesterday and have just finished experiencing oneabout 15mins ago. Everyone of them completely  different, different symptoms, different strengths, different lengths of time but all frightening at first. I started out on aropax for them at 22year's old for about a year and a half and then realised I was lost in a non responsive expressionless personality that my two sons were being confused by and knew I had to make changes. I attended counselling which I found minimally helpful, breathing and relaxation therapy classes which were a great tool and read the series of books "living with it". This book was a great tool in helping me recognise my attacks to a degree but more so in giving me the awareness of self reassurance, self talk, self aid. I have not taken medication for my severe panic disorder ( as diagnosed, along with depression and post traumatic stress disorder )  since shortly before my 24th birthday. Don't get me wrong there are times it gets tough and I only did it with doctors complete support, advice and supervision through continuous visits, but it's doable and uplifting for my self confidence and well being. I hope this is reassuring for those who read this:-)
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I know excatly what your going through I've been to do so many times rung the ambulance 3 times thought I was having a heart attack I got light headed ness feels and can't take a deep breath all my legs and arms back all weak tingling in chest pains in back had all blood tests all came back clear so now I booked an appointment with anxiety management we all need to just stay strong and beat this horrible but scary thing
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It sounds like anxiety to me... I have anxiety my whole life and not matter how many times you've been through it its still hard to beleive that you can have such pysical symptoms and its just anxiety... If it makes people feel better to get the testing done then they should do it, but when it comes back as anxiety you have to accept it so you can get the proper treatment because there is treatment that can give you your life back.

And you worry so much because you have anxiety and thats what we do best!!!  

you will be okay!!  We are here if you need us!

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I can understand where ou're coming from to a degree, but I also feel that everyone of us are different! I had a severely adverse reaction to an antibiotic, given to me for a urine infection, and since then, I have been suffering from anxiety too! For me, it is completely new, and I too was in fear that it was something serious! I have only been suffering for approx 6 weeks, and in that time I have found breathing exercises, meditation, talking to friends and family, seeing a private counsellor, and finally, medication (low dose of sertraline), has helped me! I still get some of the symptoms, but because I know that they are all related to anxiety and stress, I don't worry about them, I just accept them! It takes time to fully recover, and a lot of hard work, but breathing for me has been the key to my successes! Also, not beating myself up all the time, and bein patient! There is no 'quick fix' for anxiety, and it can cause over 100 different (yet sporadic) symptoms, some of which have been mentioned in this forum! I also found that reading about anxiety, and learning about it has helped me to understand it more, and therefore accept it more! I'm also about to have a full body massage and reiki session, which I am thoroughly looking forward to! Two week ago, I could hardly move, now, I'm feeling so much better, and much more positive in general! There is hope, but we all need to first accept it, it's easier said than done, but I am a firm believer that knowledge is power, an by reading about anxiety, and indeed MS (the condition I thought I had), I know it's not MS, as my symptoms are not the same (similar, but far too sporadic)! Also, I found it good to know that shaking is a positive thing - it's our body's way of getting the anxiety out of its system! This helped me a great deal, and as a result of feeling calmer, my symptoms have lessened! Amazing! Further confirmation! I hope you all start to feel better as soon as possible, and I urge everyone to try to learn more about anxiety, seek help from those around you, and if possible professional counsellor too! Try meditation, focus on your breathing (I use YouTube for their guided meditations), and try to focus on the positive things in your life, and when you start to feel a little better, try to stay busy, but make sure you take time out to relax, and re-focus! Good luck to is all! X
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Exercise!! Most nights I really don't feel like it, but I push myself to do it. It is so good for anxiety and depression. It really helped me, but I have been slacking lately, so all my symptoms are going crazy again :s
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