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Lexapro & Lorazepam

I was given a 2 week sample of Lexapro, to see if it helped with anxiety.
After starting with 2.5 mg for 6 days and then 5 mg for the last 8 days.
It is making me more anxious,(which is not what I need), even with lorazepam to take some edge off, the excess anxiety is not going away.

I told my GP today and she told me to stop using it. I was wondering what a good tapering schedule would be for taking this drug only 2 weeks. I don't want to stop cold turkey.  Also, I have been on Lorazepam for 16 weeks (1 mg daily) and want to get off it, which I know will take longer than LXPRO. Any advice?
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Go back to the doctor and have her give you a proper weaning schedule. The Lexapro shouldnt be as bad. It normally takes about 4 weeks to even notice a difference in how you feel after starting it. Ativan will be tougher but with a proper schedule it can be handled. Just dont take it in your own hands. You always need to have a doctors help and supervision
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Amen, Alison.
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I think you should try to stick with the lex a bit longer! It is VERY common for anxiety to spike when first starting. Try to give it a month if you can. Of curse discuss it with your doc alot of peeps experience hightend anxiety when starting ssri's including myself but It does calm down if u can deal.
hope this helps
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Hi Alison or anyone else with advice:
My GP gave me all these meds and just said to stop the meds with no tapering advice. I know she's wrong, even on such low doses and short term. I've done some research on tapering and I will be doing the following, because my doctors advice was useless and unsafe. I have no other option but to taper myself.

Going from 5 mg Lexapro (took for 8 days)

Weaning schedule
2.5 mg Lexapro (for 2 weeks)
2.5 mg Lexapro (for 2 weeks every other day)
2.5 mg Lexapro (for 2 weeks every 2nd day)

Does this sound like a good slow schedule for weaning, considering I took Lexapro for 2 weeks total (2.5 mg for 6 days, 5 mg for 8 days)?

Also, for Ativan, I will take it slower:

Going from 1 mg daily (took for 16 weeks)

Weaning schedule
.25 /.25/.25 (.75 mg daily for 2 weeks)
.25/.25 /.125 (.625 mg daily for 2 weeks)
.25/.125/.125 (.5 mg daily for 2 weeks)
.125/.125/.125 (.375 mg daily for 2 weeks)
.125/.125  (.250 mg daily for 2 weeks)
.125  (.125 mg daily for 2 weeks)
.125  (.125 mg every other day for 2 weeks)

Does this sound reasonable for Ativan, that was the slowest weaning recommended?

Again, any advice regarding weaning would be very helpful getting through it. I cannot deal with these meds and my regular anxiety, so I need to get off for now. I will be doing a consult with a psychiatrist in a month, so I want to be off most of the drugs by then.

Are there any natural products I can take to help with sleep and anxiety while tapering or do I just bear it, hopefully I won't have many withdraw symptoms? I take melatonin 500 mcg for sleep, but I wonder if that's too low dosage. Is valerian or other herbal sleep supplements a bad option while going off Lexapro and Ativan?

Any input is appreciated, thanks....
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I would never do these types of meds with a GP.  I wouldn't even do them with most psychiatrists.  Most docs prescribe what they're told about last by the pharmaceutical rep instead of tailoring it to the individual patient.  As for the Lexapro, it does seem to increase anxiety in many before it starts working -- it usually takes about 4-6 weeks to be effective -- but only being on it for two weeks it should be no problem to quit, though tapering is a good idea.  They become harder to quit the better they work and the longer one's been on them, and you've only been on it a short time.  For the Ativan, I wouldn't do this one alone -- benzos aren't just relaxants, they're also anti-seizure medications, so you have to do this under the care of a psychiatrist who understands them, which isn't most of them.  Just in case.  But again, because of the relatively short duration of use, I wouldn't expect you to have much of a problem with either of them.
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Am reading this thread and wondering... was on Ativan - taking 1/4 (my choice, am very sensitive to those meds) daily for about 2 months, and finally got up to about 1/3 daily.  I was switched the other day to Valium, and am taking 1/4 of that instead of the Ativan.  I did not 'taper off' the Ativan prior to starting the Valium, was told at that dosage I didn't need to, I just started the Valium the next day in place of the Ativan.  I am assuming the tapering is when you are not being given something else in its place?  I was given my Ativan by my primary care doc, and then he referred me to a psychiatrist, who put me on the Valium.  
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This is my own experience, but I ended up on Celexa which is like the brother to Lexapro only I think it had a more sedative effect for me when starting it. Celebs is also the only sari that did not cause insomnia for me. It's all trial and error and patience. Good luck.
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