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I've been on Lexapro for almost two weeks now for anxiety and depression. The first week and a half I was on 10MG and for the past four days it was bumped up to 15MG. I would say I am LESS anxious than I was two weeks ago. I have a good day followed by a really good day then followed by a BAD day. Is it normal to have that happen? I read somewhere it should be a subtle increase in positiveness. I don't understand why I'm having bad days following good days. I'm also having lightheadedness and fatigue throughout the day. Most of the side effects come and go but these two are extremely persistent and have been here since I started two weeks ago, is that concerning? Thanks!
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I truly believe that anyone experiencing anxiety should contact therapy services. I'm currently on a course that teaches therapy and inner conflict is said to be the main cause of anxiety. Sorry I can't help with your dosage and possible side effects but I strongly suggest you try therapy - psychotherapy deals specifically with anxiety problems .
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