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Lexapro 2.5mg Question.

I've been on Lexapro 2.5mg sense July 22nd 2008.
Havnt had a major anxiety EPISODE sense.

I know 2.5mg isnt a lot... and I sometimes even wonder if it's a PLACEBO effect on me?

Do you think 2.5mg can really help? Or do you think its mostly mental?

Also, I'm thinking about weaning off sometime around November or December...

Do you think I'll have any major withdrawl side effects on 2.5mg?

I remember last year I was on 10mg... for about 4 months and I weened myself off fast in about 4 days... I got extreme bloatedness... and diahrea... and I vomited once.

But this time, I'm only on 2.5mg... and will wean a little slower... but its freakin 2.5mg... how do I wean off such a small dosage?

Please write back on my 2 questions...

Q: Is 2.5mg enough to really do a lot for my anxiety or is it probably a PLACEBO effect?

Q: Will weaning off 2.5mg be easy? And how would you taper off such a small amount?

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I don't really know the normal dosage for your medication but if your doctor prescribed it then it must help.  Your second question....I would taper off slowly WITH consultation from your doctor.  It is usually easier, in my experience, to come off of lower doses...just ensure you are not 'self' medicating.  Keep us posted!
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10mg is the smallest dosage of Lexapro. I cut my 10mg pill in fourths... and only take one itsy bitsy piece which is 2.5mg daily.
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I only take 5mg of Lexapro and it helps me alot. I don't think it is a placebo affect. You just may not need as much as others, so why take as much. My thing is.....why are you going to ween off?? Is this a suggestion from your physcian, or your own will? If you weened yourself of of 10mg last year, but yet you ended back on it, what makes you think that you dont need it? There has to be a reason you are back on it. I suggest you don't do it until your doctor says so.
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I beleive I've got my anxiety under control. My Dr. says he is okay with me doing it, coming off that is. Who, knows I may not do it very soon... I've just been thinking for future. I know he doesnt want me to be on it for anymore than 6 months if I don't have too. But oh well.

The reason I wanted to ween off, is b/c last Halloween in 2007 is when it all started. That day... and my anxiety spells have been getting further apart... (meaning i dont have them very often at all, maybe one every 4-5 months).

Well I was very worried that this anxiety spell was going to be triggered again this Halloween, b/c of the bad bad memory of my 1st anxiety spell... well Halloween is just a week away... and I know I'm going to make it through and have a GREAT HALLOWEEN!!! And not be haunted of that terrible spell last year.

I thought if I can make it through that day without having anxieyt like last year... then I can do it on my own throughout the whole year.

If not... well, I'll just go back on the lexapro and know for a fact that "I need a little extra help." =)

Thanks for listening.

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Let me know how you are doing.  I presently having a time with anxiety to things that have ocurred in my  life.  I'm probably go back on Lexapro.

I've got to gt some relief from this teerible feeling.
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I was on 10 mg of Lexapro for 3 weeks.  My doctor weaned me off by half, then fourths.  I experienced no withdrawels nor side effects coming off.
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