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Lexapro Celexa

Is Lexapro or Celexa more likely to gain weight? It seems like weight gain complaints are ALL over the internet, more so for Lexapro than Celexa. Statistics show Lexapro has fewer side effects than Celexa, but then on the internet more people complain of weight gain. Obviously the statistics advertised for weight gain are incorrect seeing that all of these people gain weight. I don't believe when it says 1-2% of people that take Lexapro gain weight! My doctor also said if you didn't gain much weight on Celexa then you won't gain much weight on Lexapro. This is so agrivating that we have to chose between a functioning mind and getting fat for no fault of our own! It sounds like MOST people that take Lexapro gain weight.
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Actually, because Lexapro is much newer than Celexa (thought they are pretty much the same drug at the foundation), who knows which will end up reporting the most side effects?  There's a tremendous lag time of over a decade before we know how much a particular drug affects people.  They are approved without any long-term human studies, so the first users are the guinea pigs.  Just the way it is.  But I would say you can't tell from the internet reports how many people are affected a particular way -- most people don't report their experience to their doctors, let alone the internet.  I've taken both, and neither was a big weight gainer -- I mean, you're not talking Paxil or Remeron here -- but the effects differ by the individual, so only by trying the drug can you tell how it will affect you.  Just because some of the molecule was cut out of Lexapro from the original Celexa, I'd guess that Lexapro is the lesser weight gainer overall, but that's just a blind guess, as nobody's really counting here.
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