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Lexapro Help

Diagnosed with mid level depression and panic/anxiety attacks.  I have been on buspirone and it does not seem to work.  Doc wants me to stay on that and then take 1 Lexapro per day.   I think he will take me of Buspirone when the Lexapro reaches its working period.  I asked and he informed me that this is not a lifetime thing and you can get off this stuff.  Also he advises that  lexapro is non-habit as is the sleep aid/anti depressent trazadone he also gave me.  I am new to this med  also as Ambien CR did not do it. Cannot sleep through the thoughts.    

Anyone know what to expect with these? Seems like a lot to me.  Thanks.
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Hi.  The lexapro didn't work for my anxiety, but did help with depression.  I was only on it a short time.  Have been on trazadone for many years.  It helps with falling asleep (not with staying asleep though).  Didn't have a problem getting off the lexapro.  Tried once to get off the trazadone and the only problem was insomnia.  I've tried both Ambien and Ambien CR and neither one work at all for me - trazadone works better than ambien for me.
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I take Lexapro and it is working for me.  i also take a low dose of trazadone at night.  I have found for me, Lexapro is one of the drugs that has fewest side effects.  In addition to medication I was able to get some time with a therapist one on one to discuss issues from the past.  Neither pills are addictive.  That has been my experience.
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Thanks very much.
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Everyone's brain chemistry is different.  Lexapro controlled my anxiety symptoms and I had no problems getting on it and later getting off it.  But in some people there are other neurotransmitters involved, and you might need a different drug that operates on them.

I've stay away from Xanax, mostly because of its addictive qualities.  A few times I've been given it, and it instantly releaves anxiety, but then there is a price to pay later when you come down off it.

Personally I prefer cognative behavior therapy, which is a drug-free approach.
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I took lexaproe for one full year probably missing only 20 doses. I was on 20 a day and it was great. It allowed me the ability to function at a more even keel so that I could simplify and straighten out some real stress factors in my life. Getting on took about three weeks for the side effects to stabilize and that was mostly due to not being used to a lower and healthy blood pressure. I felt like I was having mild anxiety attacks at this time. Getting off was about the same only the anxiety attacks were a bit more prominant due to maybe the added question in my mind of "will I be able to feel this functional off of it?" but they soon went away as the drug faded out of my system. I would definately suggest a going on and going off buddy to help you to not feel alone. Going off took about four weeks to feel normal again. I did have what some people desrcibe as a zapping sensation in my head relativly frequently and sometimes my vision would spantaniously tilt and return to normal in amatter of a second. Therefore, I stopped driving for a time and this really was my main reason for deciding to get off of them. I did not gain weight like some people complained they did. In fact, I lost some wieght. 125 to 110. Over all ,I beleive it was a good thing for me and I am glad I did it but since have found more natural ways to keep my tension and anxiety to a funtioning level through diet, exercise and routine. Hope this helps with any curiosity on the subject of lexapro. I don't regret it a bit but am glad I am pssed that.
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I really left out the most important fact which is that I felt less anxious and more in control at that time on the lexapro and i had so few mild attacks that I felt it way worth the experience. I don't know that it is for everyone but I do know that it sure made a difference for me.I only wrote this to give an accurate decription of my personal account to anyone who needed an honest descrption of the what it can do, at least in my case. Further more, an account of some of the down falls, at least in my case.
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