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Lexapro VS Prozac

I am still coming to this site a year later trying to find a medication that helps with depression & anxiety.  mainly anxiety.  What medication is better?  I currently take Lexapro (and have for some time now) but, it's not helping as much as I need for anxiety.  I have gotten relief from depression but, I stay tired. VERY TIRED.  Is Prozac better for anxiety?  I cannot take an SSRI that will induce tremor.  I know we're all different.  I am looking for advice or experiences.  
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I've heard many people complain about feeling tired on Lexapro. Many others do great on it though. We're all so different, you're so right about that. I've also heard people say that Prozac was more stimulating. We really don't know how we'll react to these meds until we try them. If the Lexapro is working well for your depression have you thought about adding an anxiety med for your anxiety? Or, are you concerned that you will be even more tired by doing this?
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