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Lexapro and Xanax

I Have been on Lexapro for about six weeks now and I really dont feel better. The only way that I can get through the day is with the help of xanax. I am just wondering if anyone on this site has tried lexapro and just to see if it worked with anyone. My doctor said that I had GAD so I was just wondering as well what other medications could be suitable for this other than lexapro. I really want something to work because I really want to try to get off the xanax as soon as I can. Thanks Thomas
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I was just diagnosed with anxiety issues and they put me on xanax for the panic attacks that I can't control and also Citalopram for the daily use to keep me mello. They say I won't feel the full effect for a couple of weeks but I can feel like it's doing something because I don't have any attacks until about an half hour before I need to take my pill.
So anyway I hope this helps, good luck.
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lexapro didnt do jack for me eithet,made me feel a little hung over the next day,that was it!!!,,,garbage!
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so just another question what would you reccomend for gad if the lexapro did not work. What is another good pill with few side effects? Thanks Thomas
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Good to get off the Xanax.. real good. It will turn on/in you QUICK!

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I take Celexa (citalopram) and I have taken Effexor XR in the past.  The Effexor was best for my GAD, but I still needed Klonopin (.5 mg 2x a day) to keep the panick attacks away.  BTW I quit the Effexor xr because I switched to insurance that only covers generics.  I had no problem tapering off it unlike some horror stories I've heard from others. I now take the Celexa and klonopin and seem to be fine for now.
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