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Lexapro and foggy/lethargy

     Hey hey. I am a 22 year old white male 130-135lbs. Over the past couple months I have been having severe anxiety/insomnia/depression due to graduating/career choices/professional school/dating/moving etc. all coming up real soon. I am a perfectionist, and starting to second guess my life choices (which I just started seeing a school psychologist for). I have had such GAD/Panic issues before, but it has gotten disruptive so I decided to start up on some meds again. I have tried Zoloft, Celexa, and Paxil but each made me slightly foggy headed in the long-run and gave me severe insomnia while starting out. I would guess that they helped mood wise. My psychiatrist has put me on Lexapro 10mgs once a day. I took 5mgs the first two days and have taken 10mgs yesterday and today. It has had the opposite effect as the other SSRIs. I am constantly sloppy tired like I had just had a few glasses of red wine. Will this likely subside as I adjust to the medication? I am thinking about taking it at night now since I know it won't amp me up like the others did (I don't want my sleep to suffer anymore than it has). If I were to go down to 5mgs would that still be a therapeutic dose? Or should I tough out the 10? I am kind of a light weight ;) , plus the idea of being apathetic, foggy headed, and dull witted doesn't sit well with school.

Thanks for any input!
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Rule #1 is that you should NEVER mess around with the dosage level of medication(s) your doctor has prescribed without discussing it with him first, and that ALSO applies to the recommended time of day to take it.

Rule #2 is call your doctor or pharmacist regarding any side effects you're experiencing. Which, btw, you should have been well informed of when it was being prescribed to you, or when you were told to read the patient information leaflet.  

The PDR states that normal side effects of Lexapro include drowsiness, fatigue, sedation and apathy. These symptoms are similar to almost all SSRIs and they should subside once your body adjusts to the medication. You've only been on it a few days, and that brings us to...........

Rule #3 which states that patience is a must when starting or stopping an antidepressant.

I'm glad you've begun to see a psychologist because I think, at the tender age of 22, you are putting WAAAAAY too much pressure on yourself to map out your entire life right now. Have you given any thought to maybe just having some fun after all the years you've been working so hard?

Being a perfectionist is one thing, but if that has morphed into OCD, you need to get into that with your psychologist as well.

Life is too short..........ride the Ferris Wheel.
I wish you the best

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     Thanks for the advice and support. I guess I could email my psych to see if he wants to start on a lower dosage. He said I could take 5mgs the first 2 days (when I asked about starting off slowly) but ultimately I think he wants me on the 10mgs. I am just such a light weight and afraid to be over medicated/clouded. Also, the reason he said take it in the morning is because my previous side effects of insomnia, but now I am having the opposite grrr.

Thanks again :)
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Just stay in touch with your doctor, let him know how you're doing. As far as being a "lightweight" goes, don't get hung up on that. These kinds of meds affect ALL of us differently...............there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" psychotropic med.
Just gotta take it one day at a time and remember rule #3

You'll do fine. Really.
Feel better soon!
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