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Lexapro and side effects

Getting ready to start Lexapro and I want to know the side effects you have experienced?  I have been on Wellbutrion and Cymbalta and both were not for me. Made my anxiety worse. I lost weight on both but wanted to know the weight issue with Lexapro since there seems to be one. Thanks for the help.
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In my experience, medications like these can be hit or miss with some people.  Sometimes, it is a little trial and error with these, but generally SSRIs like Lexapro are very well tolerated by most people.  I am a big proponent of medications like these when they are combined with talk therapy.  

For me, I was a little more on edge for a couple of weeks or so as I adjusted to it, but I don't know how much of it was from the anxiety I felt from taking it.  When we worry about it like that, we tend to relate every little symptom we are feeling to the medication, when in reality it may not be in my opinion.  I always stress patience and communication with your doctor...keep us posted!
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Well I was on leaxapro a couple of years ago, and I remember it working So well! My anxiety went away, so I stop taking it. I did not gain weight with it, I did eat better, meaning, my anxiety and depression were gone so I ate right, instead of missing meals because my nerves were screwed. I was healthy, felt great! Well after I quit lexapro,because I thought I was healed. after about a year I went through some trama and got put on effexor which was Horrible! Then switched to cymbolta, whick I felt Ok but not like I should. So three weeks ago I started back on lexapro, and let me tell you, I am getting my life back, no joke I thought I was gone. But right now I am So happy! I do notice it makes me tired if I take it in the morning. So I take it at night and I fall asleep right away I am so much more confident, happy even though I am Broke.lol. But really I don;t eat any more than i should. My body is happy and healthy from Lexapro. Good Luck, and I hope I helped.   :-)

kalie :-)
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Thank you both very much !!!!
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25 Male here.

Be excited! I'm getting back on Lexapro today! I see the Dr. at 2:30pm to be exact. =)
It worked WONDERS for me when I've used it in the past... and the funny thing is... I didnt have to take very much of it at ALL... took 5mg for about a week or so... then went down to 2.5mg... a half of a half of a pill.... but that's all I needed to take the edge off and make me feel NORMAL! =)

I noticed I start craving food more when on it... and when im having anxiety.. i don't eat worth a damn... but always make myself of course...

I had no side effects... I thought I did... but it was just my anxiety when I first took it I think... b/c I would have nightmares alot when I first took it... but I also have nightmares when I have anxiety... so medication or anxiety? I'm gonna say anxiety...

The only side effect I kinda had... was a sexual side effect... but it wasnt that bad... id rather be happy and feel good... then feel anxious and like ****... just so i can reach climax. lol.

So yeah, that was the only issue with the lexapro and I... it made me a little less sensitive... which made me take ALOT longer to reach climax...

But oh well.

Good luck with it! I'm sure you'll be GREAT! =)
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