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Lexapro causing more anxiety

I have a question I have been on lexapro for 3 weeks now and the first week was all good no side effects, I believe i had a placebo effect becasue i seemed happier, but then after two weeks of taking it my anxiety came back worse then ever. I have GAD. I take the lexapro in the evening around 8. I wake up in the morning with severe anxiety that usually calms down around noon, then i have mild anxiety for the rest of the day. After the morning episodes I feel worn out, tired. Is this a normal side effect while getting used to the lexapro for my anxiety to get worse before it gets better? I hope so or else i have to quit taking it. Currently i am on 5mg of lexapro and  I have ativan 1mg when needed.
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For me, whenever I started/stopped/adjusted dosage of an SSRI like Lexapro, I would always be a little more on edge for awhile.  When I first started, it really took me about a month or so to actually feel a little more relaxed.  Many times, your doctor will prescribe a benzo like ativan to use while you are starting an SSRI on an as needed basis which can come in handy...just don't abuse it or take more than prescribed because they are addicting and will have some withdrawal effects if used over the long term.  I am a big proponent of medications like Lexapro when they are combined with talk therapy.  Do you also have access to a counselor to talk about your anxiety?  Keep those questions and concerns coming!
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I am in therapy as well,which is helping, I have ativan to take on a as needed basis, but i have a pill phobia and taking both at one time is really hard for me to do. But last night i took a half of a ativan pill and it seemd to help the axiety lessen quite a bit. this morning i woke up feeling good for once inseatd of feeling like i was jumping out of my skin
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