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Lexapro for generalized anxiety

Thinking about trying Lexapro for generalized anxiety.  Any advice or experiences?  I have previously tried Buspar (had no effect) and Zoloft which made me constantly nauseous.  
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Lexapro is very commonly prescribed for anxiety.  I personally have had a good experience with it.

Just remember, everyone is different, so allow yourself to have your own experience with the medication.  Also, remember it can take up to 4-6 weeks before noticeable improvments are seen.  SOME people experience some initial side effects, which usually start improving about 2 weeks into treatment.  The more common ones are an increase in anxiety (feeling "jittery"), sleep disturbances, GI upset, increase or decrease in appetite, headaches.  Try not to get overly focused on worrying about side effects...you may have a few mild ones, or none at all.

Try to be as patient as you can while waiting for the Lexapro to work.  Also, if you haven't already, seek out some therapy.  Meds are great for reducing symptoms, but therapy is invaluable for learning coping techniques and getting support.

Good luck, hope the Lexapro works for you...update us when you can!
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I agree with Nursegirl...it's a great drug.  I took Lexapro for eight years, until it recently stopped working, and then went on Zoloft, and now I'm back on the Lexapro.  I have a very hard time tolerating most drugs, but Lexapro never caused me any side effects, except maybe some initial tiredness.  I also felt naseaus on Zoloft, but like I said, Lexapro was great.
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