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Lexapro good for anxiety and depression?

I took lexapro last year for anxiety... now I'm having anxiety/depression pretty bad... going to go see the Dr. tomorrow. Hoping he will put me on something... don't want to feel like this anymore...

Think there is hope in medicine these days?

My buddy Jeff told me, there is no reason why anyone should feel the way I feel this day in age.. with all the medicines they have out there..

Of course, I kind of want to refuse medicine... but I have to be logic. Sometimes the brain needs something too, kind of like you might need medicine for your kidneys... the brain is an organ too.

I remember last year... the lexapro would  work for a while.. then it would stop... then I'd up the dosage.. then it would stop... then I just took myself off of it.. and my anxiety never returned til about 3 or 4 months later.

Does the brain go through cycles of depression/anxiety or is this all my mind playing a trick on me? Me getting so caught up in this cycle?

I know this can be done w/out medicine.. but do you guys honestly beleive that medicine sometimes is needed to get through these times? I have no reason for this anxiety or depression... it just kinda came on... it was a panic attack to be exact... then that sent me into anxiety for about a week... then depression.. .im exhausted.

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Good question about if the brain goes thru these episodes and do we need meds.  I never had anxiety like this ever in my life until about a year ago.  Had my first panic attack last winter.  I tried buspar - HORRIBLE side effects that I couldn't handle.  I have ativan but I can't take it daily as it does strange things to me.  I become so sedated and heavy feeling, weak that I can't do anything.  And I'm only talking .25mg. a day.  I'm VERY sensitive to meds.  
I see a chiropractor who is a holistic doc and he has me on a GABA product called PharmaGaba pro and I take 5-HTP at night.  The HTP took away the gloomy's that I was having.  Took about a week and now they are gone.  I'm so HOPING the GABA stuff works on my anxiety.  I do feel a calmness (a mild calmness) 30 min. after taking it.
I also have a prescription for compazine for nausea.  I get anxiety induced nausea.  The compazine also calms me down.
If all this doesn't work well enough,  my last resort will be AD's.  My GP wants me to try Lexapro but I'm so afraid of side effects.  But I want to try this other stuff first.
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Thanks for writing... what is this stuff you are taking supposed to do?
You say the HTP took away the gloomy's. What do you mean by that?

Also, I did take lexapro last year. It did help, although I did have sexual side effects, but that is the least of my worries right now. lol.
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Heyy..well besides the sexual side effects lol I think you should try lexapro again. My dr. Seems to think its great for anxiety/depression and it doesn't make u feel so gloomy or tired..although everyone reacts different to things..how did it make u feel last time?
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