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Lexapro question

Hi all, My doc just started me on Lexapro for depression and anxiety today was mt first day. I was on zoloft for a year and a half but it reached its poop out efffect and stopped working it sucked like taking a placebo and all this depression and anxiety came back. Any ideas how long until I feeal any good effect from it? I know it takes time to start working since I have experience with the zoloft. Its just the zoloft stopped working a while ago and the anxiety/depression came back pretty hard very glad my doc made the change looking foward to getting out of this rut. Thanks
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You should start to notice some difference in a few weeks, with the best results in 4-6. Unfortunately, with these types of meds our bodies can build up a tolerance and starting over is frustrating, but will be worth it.  Hang in there, you know better days are ahead.  I wish you all the best and take care!
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Thanks, been on it 2 days I actually do feel something suprisingly like a rush of energy or sumthin I dont know how to explain it. But i feel better than i did when i was taking the zoloft that became a sugar pill because it stopped working God how awful.
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I have been on citalopram for 6 weeks and i'm starting to notice the effects now, it takes a while with ssri drugs
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I just started taking Lexapro 10mg, I'm on day 6 and today is the 1st day I actually had a good day. (taking it and klonopin for anxiety/health anxiety).. still no appetite, but eating. Dry mouth too. And Lexparo makes me yawn a lot, like I can't catch my breath lol. but that is leaving. Dry mouth hasnt left yet either, but I'm sure it will.

So I'm excited to see how good I'm going to be feeling in the news 2-4 weeks if I had a good day today, FINALLY.  =) My attitude just totally flipped from feeling hopeless to feeling hopeful!

You will hopefully get this effect too soon. Just give it some time! Until then, ride the wave and keep your head up. You'll be great before you know it. =)
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I ,like cnote have been taking lexapro for around 3 weeks now along with klonopin .05 in the am and in the pm. I am on 15 mg of lex and be patient it can take 6 to 8 weeks for its full effect. A small dose of klonopin could be alot of help when starting an ssri. keep strong
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I've had massive anxiety disorder for many years. First medication Doctor suggested was Paxil. This was suggested because I couldn't swallow pills and had to crush them. (I couldn't swallow for a very long time from anxiety)
First day I felt a "high" Very energetic, very "helping". The second day similar but not as much. My anxiety went 99% away. I can swallow, I can drink loads of caffeine, I can smoke marijuana again(not a good thing). I was reborn. I'd suggest Paxil only because of my positive results. I hear the withdrawal is horrible though. Paxil worked in just days !
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