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Lexapro to Zoloft addition of Kolonopin

Hello All,

I recently posted about my change in from 10mg to 7.5mg of Lexparo a month ago.  Due to break thru crying spells and anxiety he felt that Zoloft might be a better option form me.  He is introducing this slowly this week and we will eventually be fading out the Lexapro in time.  While on the Lexapro I was also give Kolonopin .25mg to take at night for jaw clenching and excessive dreaming.  My Dr. has given me the ok to start taking .25mg in the morning as well to help with the anxiety during the change from the Lexapro to Zoloft.

I have read so many posts regarding Kolonopin and how helpful it has been to others and also how hard it has been to get off.  I have also read that it should not be used on an need to need basis.  I am so confused. I have only been taking it at night up till now.  It helps me at night with the anxiety that has been breaking thru and I am able to sleep..  I have taken my first morning dose today and while I am a but sleepy I feel better than I did the last two days it has quited my mind.  My main concern is properly taking it.  If I start to take this twice a day how difficult will it be for me to discontinue this dosage  as I only think my doctor wants me on it for a short time.

Any comments would greatly be appreciated.

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Hi.  I have been on Klonpin for a few years now.  I started out just taking when I needed it. But eventually due to my anxiety as well as depression, I ramped up to 3 a day...  .5 mg.  That is a normal dose my doc told me, but it is usually the max they will put someone on.  It has really helped me alot.  I was diagnosed with GAD.  Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  It does help.  Klonopin maintains a steady level in your blood stream so is very popular with the docs.  Definately do not adjust your dose with out your doc's help.  I tried to cut down, on my own, and it was horrible.  I felt awful and very anxious.  It, like the other benzos, is addictive.  However, therapeutically it does work well with everyone I have ever talked with about it.  Again, discuss with your doc.  I am also on 60 mg. of Celexa a day, for my depression.  Hope this helped.   Sue
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