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Lexapro vs Celexa or any other medications (low budget)

I have been dealing with anxiety for a few years now. I am a 18 year old male. I have anxiety attacks at work and can't think or concentrate. I feel very awkard, uncomfortable, and just plain weird sometimes. I have a friend that is taking Celexa and he said the side effects were a nightmare for 3 weeks but then he got better. I took 5mg of a Celexa and felt horribly weird. I know it has the s enhibitors and the r. The lexapro I want to take has a lot of the r enhibitors. I can't afford lexapro its 90 a month. I got 2 free samples that are good for 2 weeks and then i can get one month of a prescription for free. but the Celexa is only 10 dollars a month. So my question is what should i get on for my anxiety? I also have pre mature ejaculation and im wondering what is the best ssri for that? I'f my premature ejeculation would go away then i would be one happy man =P and no its not from anxiety its physical pre mature ejaculation. I read it could be due to low serotonin as well. Please help, any would be greatly appreciated!
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Hello there,

Lexapro is basically a better version of Celexa with fewer side effects. But remember that everyone is different and one drug does not fit all.

It is normal that you feel weird after taking your first doses. Your body needs to adjust to the medication and it can take several weeks. As for the efficiency is it basically the same, you will see improvement only after several weeks.

You must know that there are not only Lexapro and Celexa in the world and an other class of drug is avaible called the SNRI ( Effexor, Cymbalta ) but i think if you want something cheap Cymbalta is not a good choice hehe.

You might also want to know that there are several natural anti-anxiety remedies and supplements available that are proven to be helpful. When combined with a healthy lifestyle ( physical activity, proper nutrition ( good nutriments, vitamins and minerals intake ) they are really effective.

Anyway the choice is up to you and if you want more information on nutrition or natural anti-anxiety ways just tell me.

Please consider that I'm not a doctor and those are all issues that must be discussed with your doctor and also don't take any ''natural'' remedies combined with pharmaceutical remedies. Not because it's natural means there are no interactions. Better be safe than sorry.

Best regards,
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Ryan is my favorite source of knowledge on this forum  so I would consider his advice.   Would like to add that Celexa, while not specifically for anxiety does seem to have some effect for me.  I have panic attacks ( now under control ) and GAD.  I have taken many SSRI's with no help.  Celexa is the only one that has helped enough that I can taper off Klonopin.  I am down from 2 mgs a day to .75mgs a day with no return of symptoms.  I was on the klonopin and still having anxiety and panic attacks until the Celexa was added. I hated Lexapro.  Insomnia was a problem with all the SSRI's I tried until Celexa.  Give it a try.
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It isn't true that Celexa isn't specific for anxiety.  If it isn't, neither is Paxil, as both were approved as antidepressants.  Nor is it true that Celexa and Lexapro are the same or that Lexapro is a better version of Celexa.  They can have very different outcomes, and both can have side effects.  Lexapro was originally advertised as having fewer side effects, but in use that is debatable.  All ssris are used for anxiety and depression; though they don't work exactly the same, they all result in serotonin being bathed longer instead of broken down, as is natural with used serotonin.  Though different receptors are targeted, many people get good results from Celexa for anxiety, many get good results from Paxil, many get bad results from both.  As for snris, they can be very stimulating because they also target norepinephrine, so be careful there.  ssris can also be stimulating, however; we all react differently.  While Paxil may or may not be more likely to cause premature ejaculation, it is very likely to cause difficult reaching orgasm and to reduce sexual desire, as all these meds are.  So they all have their downsides.  The question then is, how much is the upside?  It's a balancing act and a trial and error to discover which med you metabolize the best.  On the mental health forum, Dr. Gould generally recommends people start with Prozac, because it's been around longer, lasts longer in the body, and seems to have the fewest side effects.  Whether that's true or not, I can't say.
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is paxil also recommended for anxiety? i have been on lexapro 10mg for about a month and my anxiety has definitely been helped =] but as for the p e i don't notice that much inprovement but im also not to worried about that because im also working out my pc muscle (kegels) but again the price for lexapro is simply ridiculous. would you guys recommend me to get on a cheaper medication for anxiety? i know lexapro is the best but what is a good ssri or anyother antidepressent medication, thats cheap and good for anxiety? I'm considering to get off of all antidepressents one day and just use supplements such as taurine, 5-htp, healthy nutrition and exercising but at this point because the ssri is working i don't want to mess anything up. any help would be greatly appreciated =]
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I have noticed that taking my lexapro on a empty stomache helped my pre mature ejaculation, but I only noticed this once. I was wondering is it safe to take 2 of my 10mg lexapro before sex? Would this possibly work or does it not work like that?
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