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Lexapro withdrawal

So I decided that I no longer need Lexapro, or any psychotropic drug for that matter, and we are weaning me off it.  I was only on ten mgs, and I have slowly gotten down to 5 mg a day.  I feel weird.  Dizzy sometimes, little bits of confusion every now and then (lasts only 2 seconds), and I am STARVING.  Then when I eat, I feel like I will be sick!  What gives??

I am terrified to decrease any lower than 5 mg for fear of the symptoms.  Anyone feel similar?  I wish I had NEVER heard of these drugs, as I don't think I ever truly needed them.  I know they are lifesavers for many people, and that is wonderful, but for me personally they were a roadblock to really feeling good.
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Best thing you can do is talk to your doctor. They will be able to tell you if what you are experiencing is normal and if you further reduce will feel even worse. Did you start them because of anxiety?
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Who are we? You and the Doctor? Why were you prescribed Lexapro to begin with? Depression/anxiety? Keep in mind that a symptom of depression is a significant change in apetite.  I have experienced unpleasant symptoms several times when discontinuing an anti deoressant and starting another but they pass and improve. If you discontinue too fast you may experience nausea,sweating,upset stomach,headache, neck pain or vomiting. Symptoms of depression/anxiety may also return. Consult the prescribing doctor
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Withdrawal affects most people to different extents upon discontinuation of these meds.  So far, your symptoms are actually on the milder side, so just keep quitting slowly and soon it will pass.  Think of it, as many have called it, the Paxil flu (even though you're on Lexapro).
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