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I was on Lexapro for a little over a year.  I was only taking 5mg a day.  Since I lost my health insurance I slowing got off taking the medication because I couldn't afford it.  It's been about two weeks since I took my last pill and I'm feeling odd.  Having strange symptoms.  I'm very mean at times and the newest thing happened two days ago, I get this strange pain that goes from one temple up to the top of my head and over to my other temple.  It last maybe 5 seconds.  After that I kinda feel odd and then it will happen again.  This happened to me in the evening the other day and again just now.  After the pain, i kinda feel like i have a migrane hangover.  Could this be a withdrawl symptom?  I read somewhere on here that strange stuff happens after going off Lexapro.
Thank you.
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It does sound like withdrawal, and a mild one at that.  Time should heal it.  Try taking fish oil -- it's said to help.
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is it normal to get that sharp head pain after being off the meds for 2 weeks.  it didn't happen when i first went off it.  thank you so much for your replies!
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Could be a little bit of anxiety. I get temporal pains off and on when I'm going through a stressful time. I also get muscles spasms in my scalp/head area believe it or not. Went to the Dr. about it, he said it was just my anxiety. Nothing to worry about.

It could also just be a little withdrawal from the lexapro. But 5mg isnt that much. And you shouldnt have the pains too much longer. =)

I'm on 2.5mg of lexapro.
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There is no normal, there is only you.  But it sure sounds like pretty classic withdrawal.
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