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Hi there,

I wanna start using Lexapro to see if it can releive my symptoms assosiated with anxiety ( tight neck, neck spasms, forehead and sinus pressure, pain in cheeks, bridge of the nose )

I'd like to know if anyone is using it or have been using it lately and share their experience.

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in my experience, it won't relieve the physical symptoms. it will, however, hopefully relieve the mental symptoms which in turn will hopefully relieve the physical symptoms, or at least reduce them considerably.

i've had good experiences with lexapro. if you and your doctor have decided to give it a try, then i hope that it will work well for you too.
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I have to respectfully disagree with flob.  If your physical symptoms are a manifestation of anxiety (which they likely are), then, it certainly WILL help, if it successful in tackling the anxiety itself.

My advice to you is to go to your doctor (preferrably a psychiatrist...if you don't have one, ask your PCP for a referral).....and go in with an open mind.  Let the doctor make the proper recommendations after a thorough assessment, and if warranted, a proper diagnosis.  Unless youve had prior experience with a certain med, it really is not beneficial (nor appropriate) to go to a doctor and ask for a particular drug.  Those decisions need to be made taking a lot of different things into consideration.

Also, it is very important that you engage in "talk therapy" as well, to help you work thru any issues you may have that may be causing the anxiety, not to mention, teaching you coping skills that will help you in addition to the medication.

While I personally can tell you that I've had tremendous success with Lexapro, I have also had great results with Prozac and Zoloft.  What works for one person may not work for the next, keep that in mind when reading all of our "opinions".  Taking a medication isn't a miracle "cure"....beating (or controlling) anxiety takes quite a bit of hard work, the best way to approach the med is to look at it as just one tool in the process.

Best of luck.
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perhaps my comment wasn't very clear. what i meant by the first paragraph was that it isn't going to work directly on the physical symptoms, but hopefully it will help with the anxiety which will in turn help to relieve the physical symptoms. unless i'm mistaken, thats pretty much what you said also.

and to m4...nursegirl is aboslutely correct. what works for one doesn't always work for another. i have taken many medications that have been wonderfully successful. that actually seems to be rare among people suffering from anxiety. just further evidence that each person is different.
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Thanks for your answers. The problem with me is that i don't feel anxious at all and i never been. It's jus my physical symptoms that makes me anxious but i bet we can call it anxiety too. All i know is when i will not feel this pressure in my neck that radiates right up to my forehead and nose i will be anxiety free and my mood will be like i was before.

I know all my symptoms appeared 2 weeks after i heard my mom had a bad terminal cancer. Can it be a post traumatic anxiety or something that went to my neck because i overuse laptop and computers and piano and guitars and u know... head down stuff...
But lately im not overusing them and i see barely no progress, i even started the gym 5 days a week... I jus hope it's not a substained injury.. maybe i will go see for physiotherapy since the chiro didn't help for my neck. But i will have a MRI to check neck and sinus to be more anxiety free. I'm worried because it's been 4 months now almost 5 and im afraid it becomes chronic and i will never be the same again.... I see people with healthy neck that don't think about it 24/7 and i'm almost jealous...
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