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Hi, I have been taking Lexapro for severe GAD for the last 3 weeks. I do notice a difference and I have not been obsessing over things as much as before. However I still do have anxiety, especially in the mornings. In others experience, does this continue to get better? I know it can take 4-6 weeks to reach optimal effects. I just didn't know if the Lexapro would only take the edge off and I would still continue to have anxiety. Any input would be appreciated.
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Give the Lexapro a few more weeks and if you're still anxious call your doctor and let him know.  He may want to up your dosage or add something to help with this, but hopefully you'll be feeling better by then.  Work closely with your doctor, and anytime you feel the meds aren't working, let him not, but never just stop them abruptly, he is the best one to guide you on this.  You are seeing improvement and that's a good sign, hang in there and take care.  We're here if you need support at any time.
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Mammo gave you great advise. I've been taking Lexapro for about 6 weeks now and it does take time to get into your system. What dose are you taking? After 6 weeks if your still feeling anxious do what Mammo said and talk to your Dr. You may need a slight increase or another med added to help with the anxiety.   Remar
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