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What do most people have better luck with taking in the a.m. or p.m?
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It depends on how the Lexapro is affecting the person.  Some people report drowsiness after taking it, in which case, obviously a bedtime dose makes more sense, whereas some report feeling more "up", energized, so those people do better with a morning dose.  

If you feel that you'd do better with a different administration time, ask your doc, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem.  It doesn't hurt to try something like that.  Just remember that you'll have to give the new time at least a few days before deciding which time is best.

How are you feeling on the Lexapro thus far?  Keep in mind too that you didn't taper off the Zoloft, and while you were only on the Zoloft a couple of weeks, that most definitely will be a factor in how you're feeling.  I know people get tired of hearing it, but it really is very true, you HAVE to give these adjustments time.  And by "time", I mean whatever it takes, sometimes it will take 2 months maybe even a little more to get a very accurate picture of how you'll feel on these meds.

Hang in there!
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I am really not doing too bad, not great but better, I need more energy but I hope that will come back when the weather gets better!! I have to keep telling myself it's only been a week but it feels like a lifetime!! I have xanex there are some days when I take .25 and some days none at all!!
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Oh sweetie, I SO know the "feels like a lifetime" deal.  Believe me, I commiserate!  :0(

It sounds like overall, you're managing...keep yourself busy, distraction is a Godsend during those times.

Keep us informed!!
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I have been dosed for years twice a day.
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Paxiled makes a good point!    Sometimes breaking up your daily dose and taking it twice a day can be helpful too.  Something to ask your doc about!
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Does lexapro half a short half life as they call it? I might keep taking it at night for awhile and just watch it!! So  if you split the doses how does that work?
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In the pm and it made me very tired fir the first couple of months, but it evens out.
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All ssris except Prozac have a short half-life, a matter of hours.  For most it lasts a day, but some will experience a withdrawal before their next dose.  But Lexapro doesn't have the shortest half-life, I think that honor goes to Luvox.  Splitting doses doesn't change the dose, you just split the daily dose into two parts.  They started doing that with me when Paxil was making me very sedated, and since then all the antidepressants I've been put on have been dosed that way.  Seems to be in favor with some psychiatrists, as it evens out the med through the day and evens out the side effects as well.  I've never noticed any difference in effectiveness.
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